How To Exercise in a Small Swimming Pool

How To Exercise in a Small Swimming Pool

Exercising in Small Pools

From poolfyi

Not everyone is blessed to have 30 acres of sprawiling real estate on which to install a hotel-style pool.  Smaller swimming pools, while somewhat inhibiting the ability to swim laps in an olympic-style setting, don’t necessarily preclude the swimming pool owner from exercising efficently.  This post from poolfyi presents a great workout routine in the swimming pool that allows the spatially-challenged swimming pool owner to benefit from a vigorous water-exercise program.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

When many of us think of exercise in the pool, we think of swimming laps. While that is a great full-body workout, there are other creative ways to elevate heart rate, strengthen muscles and get a good workout in the pool. All you need is water deep enough to your waist and you can begin your own backyard exercise. What To Wear First things first: Water workouts require a lot of movement, so it’s best to a have a good-fitting suit with lots of coverage. bikinis are best saved for sunbathing. You may also want to invest in some water shoes. These will enhance your grip during the workout. They aren’t necessary, but they can be helpful. What To Bring You can begin your workout without any props, but some may enhance your workout. One thing to consider is a pool noodle — you can raise this above your head to engage your upper body as you walk across the pool. Other great props to have on hand are water weights — to enhance strength training — and a flotation device if you have deep water (great for deep-water running).

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