Crafting Amazing Vistas Using Water Features

Crafting Amazing Vistas Using Water Features

10 Impressive Water Features

From Luxe Interiors + Design

Experienced watershapers know one secret above all others:  Water is an amazing medium then when harnessed properly can create truly breathtaking spaces.  Expanding the art of swimming pool and landscape design to include water features outside or integrated into the swimming pool is one medium for expression using this amazing vehicle.  Water features can add elegance, verticality, noise or noise dampering, color, motion, and many other dynamic factors to an aesthetic.  This post from Luxe Interiors + Design presents 10 beautiful water elements in Landscape Designs.

Here are some of the water features presented:


The designer of this home alternated white plaster and gray granite to break up the scale of the house. A series of square columns and beams help define outdoor spaces, and a rain sheer spills from one of the beams into an infinity-edge swimming pool. The furniture is by Royal Botania.


Rooftop troughs feed a massive collection tank supporting the home’s many water elements, which include large pond-like structures. Photovoltaic cells and solar panels provide heat and electricity. The roof is made of zinc rather than galvanized metal to reduce reflectivity.


A rock waterfall and stone lined jetted pool, blend perfectly with their natural surroundings.

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