Amazing Gallery of 100 Spectacular Inground Swimming Pool Designs

Amazing Gallery of 100 Spectacular Inground Swimming Pool Designs

100 Spectacular Backyard Swimming Pool Designs

From Home Stratosphere

In order for designers to continually push the envelope of possibility, one must stand on the shoulders of giants.  Nothing advances any discipline more than seeing what others have been able to achieve, and trying to better them in one way or another.  Inground swimming pool and outdoor living design is no different.  This amazing gallery from Home Stratosphere presents 100 simply breathtaking luxury swimming pools and landscape designs for outdoor environments that will get your creative juices flowing, and wanting to change your outdoor space to something sublime.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Interestingly, most pools built today don’t have the features they did when I was a kid (1980’s), specifically diving boards and slides. I suspect they are safety issues and homeowners opt not to have those features. That said, some backyard pools are more like mini-water park complexes with rock walls, caves, waterfalls and even water slides. These premium features add considerably to the cost, and not everyone likes the appearance of them, but they do offer more swimming features. You either like the look or don’t.

This gallery features a diverse range of swimming pools. Most are large, but some are small. We chose the small pools to demonstrate that you don’t need a large property in order to enjoy your own pool.

Many of our pools are in the backyards of homes in warmer climates, which makes sense because it can be used year-around. After all, spending $100,000 or more on a pool which you can use only 3 months a year doesn’t always make sense.

In my view, one aspect of backyard swimming pools is clear… and that is they really do look great. It’s not often a pool looks bad if it’s a decently design pool. Even above-ground pools can look great and be a ton of fun with a deck built around the top of it (this is a great way to enjoy your own pool inexpensively – in relation to the cost of an in-ground pool).