Best and Worst Plants to Put Around An Inground Swimming Pool

Best and Worst Plants to Put Around An Inground Swimming Pool

Pool Landscaping Ideas: 5 Tips On The Best (And Worst) Plants To Put Around Your Pool

From Above All Masonry

One of the most overlooked aspects of swimming pool design, at least from the less experienced pool and waterscape designer, is the greenery.  Selecting the proper plants, flowers, and ground cover can make the difference between a breathtaking, healthy landscape for the swimming pool, or the thorn in the swimming pool owners’ side that will never go away.  This post from Above All masonry gives 5 Great tips on how to select the proper plants for a swimming pool installation in this informative blog post.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Despite what the Beverly Hillbillies might have you think, a swimming pool is much more than a “cement pond.” It’s certain to be one of the highlights of your home: a place for family fun, summertime parties, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to take a little extra time to plan the perfect landscape plantings around your pool—a space so important deserves to look as beautiful as can be!

Think About Maintenance

Landscaping around pools does require a bit more thought and planning, as flowering and fruiting plants and trees can shed their leaves, fruits, nuts, and seeds right into the water… requiring considerably more maintenance. For trees whose canopy is near your pool, consider the final size of the tree and it’s pruning needs. Setting up a ladder in the middle of your pool to do your spring pruning will not be an option. We suggest selecting lower-maintenance plants for poolside landscaping.


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