Swimming Pool Designs With An Off The Charts “Cool” Factor

Swimming Pool Designs With An Off The Charts “Cool” Factor

Some of the Coolest Swimming Pools

From Guff.com

Swimming Pool design can go from the simple to the sublime.  Skilled designers can take your backyard paradise in a number of directions, depending on your desires, budget, tastes, and topography.  For those special homeowners for whom the swimming pool isnt just a box in the ground to hold water, we present this post from Guff.com.  Showcasing some of the swimming pools that have that extra special design flair, this post could be the inspiration to make your backyard dreams a “cool” reality.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The Standard is located in sunny Los Angeles. This rooftop pool has a panoramic view of the city, and you can even watch a movie while working on your backstroke. To quote my favorite philosophers, The Beverly Hillbillies: “Swimming pool, movie stars!”

Located in Mumbai, India, this pool was made to raise awareness about the dangers of global warming. As the sea levels rise, the real New York City could be submerged under water. Calm down Kevin Costner, this is not a campaign for Waterworld 2.

he now-closed water park was located in Miyazaki, Japan. Nowadays if you want a beach experience with no risk of sunburn, you have to stare at your tropical desktop background.

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