Gorgeous Swimming Pool Pictures To Inspire

Gorgeous Swimming Pool Pictures To Inspire

25 Gorgeous Pools Everyone Should Swim In Once

From Business Insider

Bringing paradise home to one’s own backyard is now easier than ever.  Skilled artisans can translate those memories from your last exotic vacation into years of staycation in your own outdoor living space.  If you are looking for inspiration as to design and features to include in your backyard paradise, look no further than this post from Business Insider.  The post has 25 absolutely breathtaking swimming pool designs from exotic locales, and the pictures are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The only thing that’s more relaxing than lounging poolside or soaking in the water on a sunny day is doing it at one of these incredible destinations.

From luxurious infinity pools with unbeatable views to natural pools teeming with marine life, these pools around the world deserve to be on everyone’s bucket list.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore has a stunning infinity rooftop pool on the hotel’s 57th floor, where guests can swim and admire the Singaporean skyline.

Berlin’s Arena Badeschiff pool floats inside of the River Spree, where visitors can swim in clean water and enjoy views of the surrounding city. Food, drinks, music, and lounge chairs are also available from open to close.

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