Ongoing Ownership Costs of An Inground Swimming Pool

Ongoing Ownership Costs of An Inground Swimming Pool

The Long-Term Cost of a Vinyl Liner vs. Gunite vs Fiberglass

From Shasta Pools

There are many aspects to consider when planning for your very own inground backyard swimming pool.  Always in view for the astute homeowners are the costs associated with the various types of swimming pool construction.  This post from Shasta Pools drills deeper into this study to analyze the long-term costs of ownership of the various types of swimming pool construction, including durability, fungibility, and maintenance.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The Gunite Pool

Long-Term Expense: Moderate

Gunite or concrete pools typically have the highest initial cost of these three pool types, but if a pool owner knows how to take care of a pool and is properly maintaining a pool made from gunite, it can last for decades without any major repairs. The key to having a low-cost gunite pool is to tackle any small issues as soon as they arise and not let a small problem become a big problem over time. As an added benefit, unlike fiberglass pools where pool owners are restrained to the pre-made design of the pool, gunite pool owners can have virtually any shape and size they desire.

The Fiberglass Pool

Long-Term Expense: Low to Moderate

Less in price to install than a gunite pool but more than a vinyl liner, this durable pool type is the second most popular because of its durability and longevity. When considering a fiberglass pool, however, pool owners must consider the fact that there are restrictions that keep the pool owner from choosing which shape they can make their pool.