How Much Money Is An Inground Swimming Pool?

How Much Money Is An Inground Swimming Pool?

What Does It Cost To Build An In-ground Swimming Pool?

From Master Pools Guild

This is a question that is burning in the minds of every prospective swimming pool owner.  Once a family has decided to take the plunge, both literally and figuratively, the issue always becomes one of budgeting.  This post from the Master Pools Guild gives a great explanation of the different types of swimming pools and swimming pool construction, and also explains what factors can effect the eventual price tag of one’s own backyard paradise.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The addition of an in-ground swimming pool can be one of the best investments you make when it comes to the value of your property. It can also add new elements of enjoyment, fitness and an active lifestyle to your family’s daily routine. Of course one of the first questions I am asked as a swimming pool builder is “What is the price tag?” There are dozens of contributing factors but typically, the cost of building an in-ground swimming pool can range from $25,000 to more than $100,000 with much depending on the type of swimming pool you select (Gunite, Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner). Nationwide, you will find the average cost of pool construction varies widely by location. Working with a reputable, experienced swimming pool builder is your first step in insuring your project will meet your dreams as well as stay within your budget.

Factor #1 Selecting Your Type of Pool

There are three types of in-ground pools in widespread use: vinyl-lined pools, fiberglass shell pools and concrete (gunite) or (shotcrete) pools. My company builds only (shotcrete) pools. Over the past 30 years I have built all three types. I will give you a brief description of the other categories as fair and balanced as I can.

In-ground vinyl-lined pools are varying types of permanent kit pools. The walls may be of varying grades of coated steel or plastic composite. These pools will typically have either a sand or vermiculite bottom to shape the floor, followed by a vinyl liner. Although many builders have been very creative, these pools are limited to shapes and design by the panels available. The location of these pools is limited as well. Placement of water features is also somewhat limited when working with this type of pool. Expect to replace the liner every 5 – 7 years (based on my personal experience).

One Piece Fiberglass pools. When our company was introduced to the one piece fiberglass market over 20 years ago, we thought we now had the perfect mix. Price point wise these pools filled the gap between in-ground vinyl liner and custom concrete pools – at least as far as price point goes. It is our belief that “all pools have a place in the market.” My personal opinion on fiberglass is, they are limited to current shapes and design. The salesmen claim that fiberglass pools never have to be refinished however; the gel coat interiors will not look the same 15-20 years after installation. All protrusions are done with a gasket and compression type fitting along with an adhesive sealant, similar to vinyl liner pools. It has been my personal experience that these seals/gaskets do go bad and will need attention years down the road. So the sales claim that it “never needs to be refinished”, doesn’t hold water. No pun intended. Should a fiberglass pool need to be drained, special attention and care must be taken to avoid damage. Fiberglass just is not as strong as concrete.

Concrete swimming pools, often referred to as “Gunite” or “Shotcrete” are a pool owners most customizable option. Imagination, builder knowledge and budget are the only limitations when designing a concrete pool. From the simple family swimming pool to the pool at the Bellagio, if you can dream it, it can be built with concrete. The pools are permanent pools not kit pools. They are built to last a lifetime. Concrete pools can become structural retainer walls unlike the other two types. They can be built virtually anywhere with proper engineering. Unlike the other pools, concrete pools can, if desired, be remodeled to take on a whole new look. We recommend these pools for people that dream for the pool that has never been built. This homeowner plans to be in their home for at least 10 years. The price point for these types of pools, within our market here in North Carolina, starts at $30,000 and is as unlimited as your dreams. From small to large the design options are endless. Shotcrete pools can be accessorized with lighting, fountains, grottos, waterfalls, diving rocks, attached spas, structural retainer walls, automatic controls, automatic covers, the list goes on and on. Your swimming pool design professional can work with you when selecting those options that are most important to you now as well as discuss additional phases of your project that you could plan to add at a later time. For example, your current “wish list” may include an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the pool area but your budget may require that plan be implemented next season. Work with a design professional now so those long term plans are included in your overall backyard design concept.

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