Small Can Be Beautiful When It Comes To Swimming Pool Designs

Small Can Be Beautiful When It Comes To Swimming Pool Designs

18 Small But Beautiful Swimming Pool Design Ideas

From Architecture Art Design

Most people think that having limited space in their backyard precludes them from enjoying a waterscape outdoor paradise.  Well, fear not, oh ye of the space-challenged real estate!  This post from Architecture Art Design shows in vivid detail what a professional Landscape Designer can do in these limited space areas.  You will be pleasanty surprised at how much efficiency and utilitarianism can be enjoyed when a true artisan employs her craft.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Swimming pool in your own backyard is a real refreshment in hot summer days. Its performance often requires significant financial resources, but also its incorporation significantly raise the value of the property, and the house and its surroundings receive luxurious and attractive look.

Selecting the pool should primarily depend on the space that is available in the courtyard, and the desired shape and design, and of course the financial means at your disposal. You should pay attention to the existing style of the house and landscaping the surrounding area, whether it is modern, rustic style or another. Quality performance and additional contents, for example hydromassage nozzles further complement the pleasant feeling when staying in the pool.

Factor that strongly affects the nature of the pool is its location. Pool located in the garden as an outdoor swimming pool has its own advantages and disadvantages, as is the case with covered pool located beside the house or in it. And there is a compromise solution that is a combination of two options: indoor swimming pool with a movable part of the roof and walls.

So if you are willing to make swimming pool in your yard, this is the right time to start to preparing. Take a look our amazing collection of 18 small swimming pool ideas that will fit every yard!