Inspiring Inground Pool Designs From Landscapers

Inspiring Inground Pool Designs From Landscapers

Custom Backyard Swimming Pools
Inspirational landscaping projects featuring new and remodeled inground pools

From Landscaping Network

Designing an inground pool can be daunting, to say the least.  The astute homeowner knows that in order to have a problem-free, professionally-designed swimming pool project, one must consider many elements outside of the swimming pool itself.  This is the most common error that consumers make when budgeting for a swimming pool!  The pool is usually the focal point of the design, but the designer must consider elements such as drainage patterns, architecture of the house and land, lighting, fencing, irrigation, plantings, and other various design elements.  The pool designer that has a Landscape Architecture background is most able to take a holistic approach for a waterscape, and will have the training, knowledge, and foresight to preclude some major pitfalls of any particular project.  What better place, therefore, to take a look at some stunning swimming pool design ideas than from the Landscaping Network website?

Designs featured in this post include Terraced Pools, Rustic Pools, Vanishing Edges, Modern Pools, and even Drought-Tolerant landscapes and pools.

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