Breathtaking Swimming Pools From Around The Globe

Breathtaking Swimming Pools From Around The Globe

Daily Delight: Jaw-Dropping Pools Around the World

From Design Happens

There’s nothing quite like looking at pictures of exotic locales during the winter, and dreaming about your next vacation.  Resort-style swimming pools are no longer just the purview of the tropical resort, since most of the features that are prominent in these amazing resorts are available in your own backyard.  This post from Design Happens gives you some inspiration not only for your next vacation spot, but how you can bring the vacation home to your own backyard.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

I don’t know about you, but the scorching temperatures of August have me daydreaming about cool waters and global getaways. Since my vacation is still weeks away, gazing at these gorgeous pools from around the world will have to do. I’m hoping my next vacation will be a pool-hopping voyage across the globe. –

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