Design Inspiration From The World’s Most Beautiful Hotel Pool Waterfalls

Design Inspiration From The World’s Most Beautiful Hotel Pool Waterfalls

World’s most beautiful hotel pool waterfalls

From Fox News

With the proliferation of extreme luxury swimming pool designs around the world, designers are outdoing each other with every passing year.  Sophisticated edge treatments like the negative edge, perimeter overflow, and lautner edge, as well as exotic materials and dramatic features like fire and fountains have been peppering these amazing resort-style designs and creating quite a buzz.  Nothing puts the cherry on the outdoor living sundae quite like the properly designed waterfall.  Inspired by falling water in its naturally-occurring state, the waterfall can create amazing visual interest, functionality, and ambient noise to really outfit the outdoor space properly and enhance the overall experience for everyone.  This post from Fox News presents some of the most beautiful man-made waterfall creations that appear in some of the world’s luxury hotels.  If these pictures don’t inspire you to consider adding one of these jewels to your outdoor living space, then nothing likely will.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

We love an infinity pool, and a pool with a view—but a pool with the added bonus of a waterfall? Well, we must be in heaven. Check out these amazing properties and bask in the blissful beauty yourself.


Barbados, West Indies

Once you’ve had your fill of the platinum coast’s sparkling beaches—and Sandy Lane’s personalized beachside services, which include Evian misting and sunglass cleaning—you can recline by the hotel’s 7,500-square-foot outdoor swimming pool with its cascading waterfall and tropical gardens.

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