Why Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Company Is Crucial

Why Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Company Is Crucial

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Four common pool building mistakes and how to avoid them –  

From AQ The Magazine

This post from AQ the magazine gives you the hard facts about why vetting your swimming pool designer and builder really matters.  Making a mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the nightmare that choosing the wrong contract can cause for you and your family.  Unraveling a construction mistake or recovering from an unstable contractor that walks away from a project can be the catastrophic event from which your family never recovers.  Reputation, Knowledge, and Quality of Workmanship are just a few of the crucial items that need to be checked off of your list when choosing, so choose wisely!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As a pool builder, growing your business often means pricing more competitively. But skipping vital construction steps to keep prices low can result in long-term consequences and compromise safety, durability and cleanliness. AQ editors interviewed pool inspector Rick English, a California-based expert with more than 35 years of experience, about the most common quality errors he has seen in the field—from recommending the wrong pump size to not evaluating a site’s soil condition.

The key to becoming a successful business owner is establishing and maintaining a reputable image by being thorough and open with customers, even if it means making recommendations that will increase the cost of construction, English says.

Why is reputation so important, now more than ever? Perhaps it is because we live in an era where there is tremendous competition for discretionary dollars. Building a swimming pool is not only costly but also a long-term commitment for the owner. Trust carries a tremendous amount of weight. “Don’t just focus on building a pretty pool,” English says. “Once you start building pools properly and explaining [the quality choices you make] to your customers, you separate yourself from that crowd of low-end pool builders that just think they have to get every job done.”

Over the decades, English has witnessed numerous pool problems that could have been prevented from the get-go. It’s important to be aware of these problems, look for them, and work to eliminate them before they happen.

The problem: Soil testing can be an expensive and extensive step, so it’s tempting for builders to skip it in fear that the added time and cost will turn away customers. The majority of pool builders put a clause in their contracts stating that homeowners are responsible for the soil condition on site. However, the risks involved with not obtaining soil information should not be taken lightly. The pool might crack, float out of the ground or migrate down a slope. It might leak and flood the home or a neighbor’s yard. Fixing the problem can mean virtually ripping the whole thing out and rebuilding it—an expensive and decidedly unpleasant set of measures.

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