How To Use Pinterest To Design Your Inground Swimming Pool

How To Use Pinterest To Design Your Inground Swimming Pool

Using Pinterest to Collect Inground Pool Ideas

From Pool Pricer

Desiging an inground swimming pool can be a daunting task.  Conveying your wishes and desires for your outdoor living space, then considering your family, usage patterns, entertaining style, designing and decorating tastes, the design of the house and finishes, etc. to even the most experienced designer will not always result in the ideal swimming pool design.  Most designers find it very helpful to have the client clip pictures of swimming pool designs that they like, and then take a compendium of these pictures and try to incorporate these into the ideal design.  Up until the past couple of years, this manual process was no different than taking newspaper or magazine clippings and storing them in a file folder, and hopefully not losing or damaging these pictures over the long time that it took to compile them.  Well, all of that has changed with the proliferation of social media sites like Houzz and Pinterest.  This post from Pool Pricer gives a great step-by-step guide to using Pinterest to help zero-in on the perfect swimming pool design for you and your family.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Some people have an uncanny ability to visualize exactly what they want – and then describe it to others. For everyone else, there’s Pinterest. The popular website where people save and share photos from around the internet has quickly become an indispensable tool for collecting inground pool ideas.

Using Pinterest, you can store (or “pin”) any image you find online to your own webpages (or “boards”) for easy viewing. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites, and is especially big with people planning home improvement projects. As you might imagine, there are plenty of pictures of pools – inground, above ground, concrete, fiberglass, etc. It’s already a treasure trove of ideas, and you can add your own pictures when and wherever you find them.

Simply put, if you’re not using Pinterest to brainstorm your new pool design, you should be. Here’s how to get started.


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