Looking For A Winter Swimming Pool Workout? Try Water Yoga.

Looking For A Winter Swimming Pool Workout? Try Water Yoga.

Yoga Water Workout

Check out these water yoga exercises to get fit in the swimming pool

From Women’s Health

Going to the local gym and swimming laps in the indoor swimming pool, while vigorous and beneficial in every way, is quite tedious for most people.  Unless you are an avid swimming enthusiast, these workouts can be among the most monotonous activities one can undertake.  The benefits of working out in the water are legion, and include the cooling effects of the water and the resistance to all muscles that the viscosity of the water provides.  Those workout warriors that want to continue their water workouts well into the winter would be greatly served to consider some alternative means of working out in water, which is the subject of this post from Women’s Health.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

If your sticky mat gets a little too sticky this summer, take your practice into the pool. The warm water (83 to 88 degrees is ideal) will not only relax your muscles but also support your weight, so you can work deeper into a pose and hold it longer without fatigue, says Lakshmi Landa, a water yoga instructor at Shanti Yoga in Bethesda, Maryland. Loosen up with these four traditional poses that Landa modified for wet practice.

You can stretch farther forward without the floor in front of you.

Stand with your feet about 2 feet from the pool wall and place your hands and forearms flat against it. Look up and sway your back, stretching your abs. Rise onto your toes and hold for a few breaths.

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