Do I Need To Post Signs Around My Swimming Pool Or Hot Tub?

Do I Need To Post Signs Around My Swimming Pool Or Hot Tub?

What Signs Are Required by Law at Pools & Hot Tubs?

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Having an inground swimming pool or hot tub can be unnerving when it comes to the safety of your kids and friends.  You want there to be rules in place, and you want everyone to have the safest possible swimming environment, but how do you craft the proper protocols, and how do you enforce them?  These are situations that virtually every homeowner runs through their mind, usually around the time of their first pool party.  This post from ehow gives a pretty broad overview of what requirements exist for commercial and public facilities, and clues the residential homeowner in as to whether these rules apply to them.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

No federal laws require signs to be posted in swimming areas; however, state laws do exist. Pool-related laws are most commonly found in a state’s public health act or code overseen by a state’s department of health or safety. Almost all public facilities, such as city, government, county, public housing or country clubs with pools and hot tubs, are required by state law to post signs that inform guests of the rules and risks of entering the swimming area. Common signs seen in swimming areas with hot tubs relate to intoxication, blood pressure and age.

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