Looking For A Different Water Slide For Your Outdoor Swimming Pool?

Looking For A Different Water Slide For Your Outdoor Swimming Pool?

6 Epic Water Slides That Make A Lavish Swimming Pool Even Better (PHOTOS)

From Huffington Post

Ask any kid what their favorite part of any swimming pool is, and the answer invariably comes back: The Water Slide.  Traditionally, the residential water slide is a tired option, and has recently been updated and improved by several swimming pool equipment manufacturers.  Additionally, custom luxury swimming pool builders have crafted custom and semi-custom options out of such materials as concrete, fiberglass, tile, and stones.  This post form Huffington Post shows some of these more lavish swimming pool slides to provide some design inspiration to you.  Don’t dissapoint your kids and leave the water slide out of your design!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

While luxury homes often have equally lavish pools in their backyards, they’re the kind of places where you can’t imagine anyone actually swimming. Lounging, maybe. But upscale pools tend to be “no splash” zones. That completely changes if you’re the type of homeowner who loves a good water slide. This is pretty much a big sign that says “we actually have fun in our backyard.”

We’ve found six epic water slides that are both fun and not bad to look at. Click through the slideshow to see them all and let us know which one you’d love to give a go in the comments below.

A stunning water slide-waterfall-pool-grotto combo.

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