Recent Trends In Outdoor Living Design

Recent Trends In Outdoor Living Design

Backyard Landscaping Trends

From Signature Contractors

The prudent homeowner is planning their landscape projects for the upcoming summer right now.  With the lead time for permits, and the time that it takes to get a well-thought out design and plan, not to mention the seasonality of most landscape contractors, the homeowner that wants to enjoy their space when the weather breaks will be ready to hit the ground running as soon as the frost lifts.  This post from Signature Contractors gives some great inspiration for next summer by presenting the latest trends in Outdoor Living Design.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As a new decade rolls in, we see styles begin to shift; from architecture to fashion, the trends are surely changing. Instead of falling behind the times, continue to rule the neighborhood by keeping your yard up to date with all the latest landscaping trends. This year’s theme: low-maintenance & all natural. Instead of over the top flowers and huge perfectly kempt lawns, set up to entertain at home, spend less on upkeep, and have a serene getaway waiting for you right behind your house.

Backyard Landscaping Trend #1: Playing with Fire

The days of grills being the only fire producers in the backyard are through. This year, many are turning their backyards into at home entertainment just by adding one simple element: fire pits. This landscaping design element is easy to accomplish, regardless of your budget. There are a variety of different types of fire pits that can transform your backyard into a cohesive place to relax with the family or entertain on a dime. Oftentimes, fire pits are made from colored stone or concrete and are built as a part of a patio or deck. Less expensive fire pits need not be installed; you can find metal fire pits and complementary seating at most local hardware stores (and no one will ever know you saved a quick buck!). Be it for roasting s’mores and bonding with the kids, or for an aesthetic congregation spot at your next home-barbeque, fire pits are all the rage in landscaping this year.

Backyard Landscaping Trend #2: Just Add Water

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