Looking For An Eco-Friendly, Maintenance-Free, Gorgeous Alternative To Grass?

Looking For An Eco-Friendly, Maintenance-Free, Gorgeous Alternative To Grass?

Backyards Just Got Better

From EasyTurf

With the overwhelming historical drought in California, designer are desperately looking for ways to conserve water, and get out ahead of the issue.  One of the ways that designers are helping to conserve water is to re-consider artificial turf.  Artificial grass has come a long way since astroturf, and even the most skeptical designers have come around to including this product into their outdoor living designs.  This post from Easy Turf explains how Cesar Milan, the famed “Dog Whisperer”, utilized Easy Turf for his Dog Psychology center because of this product’s amazing qualities.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs saves you money since little or no maintenance is required. Muddy spots and dog urine stains are gone. Dog waste and dog urine won’t discolor or stain it; dogs can’t dig through it and don’t chew it. You spend less time cleaning your dogs since EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs prevents muddy paws and dirty pets, and helps you maintain a pleasant, safe environment for your pets. Your artificial grass is always available, no down-time for maintenance, watering or fertilizing. Relax, knowing this artificial grass for dogs has a 15-20 year life expectancy.

The difference is in the dog urine drainage!

Every inch of the MaxxFlow™ artificial grass backing drains freely with absolutely zero absorption. That means dog urine odor won’t be a problem, and it even stands up to ALL pets, pet waste and dog urine. The backing also incorporates an integrated weed barrier which eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate one, saving you time and money. Remember…not only will EasyTurf artificial dog grass provide you with beautiful and useful artificial grass landscaping; it will also give the peace of mind that you have a clean, safe lawn for your pet.


• Drains clean: It requires no chemicals for dog urine odor found in another artificial grass or natural grass

• 100% permeable backing makes dog urine clean up a snap

• Most Realistic artificial grass for dogs

• Unique multi-color blades match the look of real grass

• Best Draining artificial dog grass – Drains better and cleaner than real grass

• Inherently antimicrobial and hypoallergenic dog grass surface

• Safe and non-toxic dog grass infill

• Artificial dog grass helps keep pets clean

• Artificial dog grass that is fertilizer and pesticide free

• Artificial dog grass dramatically improves water conservation

Ideal For:

• Backyard, residential artificial grass pet surface

• Artificial dog grass for backyard dog runs

• Artificial dog grass for dog parks

• Artificial dog grass for dog and pet resorts

• Artificial dog grass for kennels and dog or pet boarding facilities

• Artificial dog grass for animal shelters

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