Hot Tubs Provide Relief For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Hot Tubs Provide Relief For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Spas and Hot Tubs for Fibromyalgia Relief

From Hot Tub Works

The Hot Tub has probably gotten a pretty bad rap over the years.  While rap stars sing about them as a partying accoutrement, and news stories talk about diseases that are spread form them, we tend to lose sight of the fact that the Hot Tub can have a theraputic effect on pain sufferers.  This post from Hot Tub Works talks about Fibromyalgia sufferers, and what they can do to get relief from their pain by utilizing hot water therapy in a hot tub.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

A study at the University of Maryland found that many of their subjects found some relief in warm water therapy, such as that found in a bubbling hot tub or spa.

And I myself, as I have aged, have found myself victim to aches and pains in my joints, but also sometimes in odd areas, like my heels or mid-thigh. It sometimes starts just as a low numbness, but can tighten itself up into a pinching sharp pain.

Hot water and gentle movements restores blood flow to an area under blood constriction. Blood flow brings oxygen, and by just soaking, breathing and stretching, I can feel the pain slowly give up. A few times a month, my spa sessions are just like that – more therapy than anything else. I always find relief in my tub, and usually for the rest of the night, so I can sleep peacefully, without restless legs, or just feeling achy all over. That’s what it’s like sometimes.

It helps me to imagine that while I am taking deep, slow breaths in the hot tub, that I am directing the breath to the sore areas; that I am actually breathing the air all the way down to the painful area, whether it’s near my nose – in my neck, or down in my feet.

Rheumatologists have different ways of responding to fibromyalgia, and may include treatment in the following

Pharmaceuticals for pain management

Physical therapy and movement therapy

Massage or Hydrotherapy

Nutritional and Sleep analysis

Acupuncture or Network chiropractic

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