Fall Is The Perfect Time For a Fire Pit

Fall Is The Perfect Time For a Fire Pit

The Right Time For Fire

From Divas N Design

The nights are increasingly cooler, and its getting darker much sooner now that Fall is upon us.  Wouldn’t you love to extend the use of your gorgeous outdoor living space just a few weeks longer?  Even those intrepid outdoor living enthusiasts for whom the swimming pool season ended over a month ago understand that the way to keep enjoying the great outdoors despite the cooler temperatures is Fire.  A Fire Pit or Fire Feature is virtually a must for those homeowners in seasonal climates that want to continue to enjoy their outdoor living area well into the Fall.  This post from Divas N Design give some great design options for a Fire Pit that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing for your own backyard.  Why not add something that can give your family an extended outdoor living season, keep you warm on those chilly fall evenings, and bring your family together for more fun times?

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Putting The Warmth Back Into Entertaining

The weather is finally cooling off, and nights are becoming a little breezier. This creates the perfect opportunity to fire up and break out the fire pit, or create an entire new outdoor entertaining space with the help of Chicago Interior Design Firm, Divas N’ Design.

A fire pit not only adds appeal to a backyard, but also will instantly create a more inviting space. It creates a focal point and allows you to set up an entertaining space around it. By doing this, everyone will feel more connected, and conversation will flow easier because of the promising layout. There are a variety of fire pit styles, but each one as you’ll see below helps transform the space.

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