Plan a Vacation to The World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Plan a Vacation to The World’s Largest Swimming Pool

The World’s Largest Swimming Pool Is Where You Want To Be Right Now

From Huffington Post

Does planning an exotic vacation have you completely stumped?  Sure, there are plenty of places in the world to get sun, fun, seclusion, sports, or just plain old beach fun.  There is only one place on Earth, however, where you can swim in the largest man-made swimming pool in the world.  The San Aflonzo Del Mar Resort in Chile boasts this claim, and it is a wonder to see.  The pool is reportedly 3,323 feet long, and holds 66 Million gallons of water.  Try swimming laps in that one!  As the pictures show, you can literally kayak or sail on this swimming pool.  This project simply just has to be seen to be believed.  So if the hike to Chile isn’t prohibitive, you may want to consider this locale for the most amazing swimming pool experience available in the world.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

It’s not every day that a photo causes an audible reaction, but these pictures of the world’s largest swimming pool are most definitely whine-worthy.

Yes, we told you about this glorious man-made pool that sits on the grounds of the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile a while back and yes we know it’s a schlep to this wonderland, but it’s the dog days of summer and we couldn’t resist a revisit.

Herewith, a brief peek at paradise.

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