Winter Is a Great Time to Teach Your Kids to Swim

Winter Is a Great Time to Teach Your Kids to Swim

Beginning Swimming without Flotation

From Swim Professor YouTube Channel

Just because it is freezing outside, and the leaves are all off of the trees, doesn’t mean that you shoudl wait to get your child swimming lessons.  Recent news stories have shown infants learning survival techniques and actually learning to swim strokes in the water.  Swimming is a skill that will benefit your child’s health and well-being, not to mention his/her safety, for the rest of their lives.  Consider an indoor swim lesson program for this winter, so that when Summer comes around again in a few short months, your child will be ready to dive in!  This post from The Swim Professor shows a basic technique known as the “Pop Up Breath”, which teaches kids to lose their flotation devices and to have the confidence to swim without them.

Here is the text introduction to the video:

Within just a few weeks of the clips you saw where Nolan needed the flotation, he is now swimming without it. The flotation allowed him to practice a skill he otherwise could not do (SEE VIDEO, “Too LIttle Flotation vs. Just Enough!” ) In this video you can see the results as he masters the “pop up breath” and swims 30 feet across the pool, happily, confidently, and competently!

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