8 Tips to Throwing the Perfect End-of-Season BBQ Pool Party

8 Tips to Throwing the Perfect End-of-Season BBQ Pool Party

Throw a perfect backyard barbecue party

From Chicago Parent

It’s time to close the pool and start preparing for Halloween.  The Indian Summer always comes, however, so why not throw a pool party to put a ribbon on the awesome summer that you just had?  For those inclined to have a barbeque, with the smoking of meats, hot dogs, hamburgers, or even highbrow grilling like shrimp and fish, this post is for you.  Chicago Parent gives you some great tips on how to make your end of summer bbq party a very special one.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Pick a theme

This may sound like a lot of work or even a bit cheesy, but surprisingly a theme can make your life easier and your party more fun. With a Mexican theme, serve grilled fish tacos, guacamole and margaritas, or serve burgers, brats and Berghoff beer for a Chicago barbecue theme, for example.

“It creates a more fun and memorable event,” says Debi Lilly, chief eventeur of A Perfect Event in Chicago.

Create a menu based on the theme-everything from drinks and appetizers to main dish, sides and dessert, Lilly says. Plan your guest list, figure out how much food is needed and what guests can bring.

“I always love to do a theme where people are actually bringing something that goes with it,” says Julie Reinhardt, author of She-Smoke, a book about barbecuing.

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