Troubleshooting Guide for End of Swimming Season Pool Care

Troubleshooting Guide for End of Swimming Season Pool Care



Now that the leaves are falling, and the kids are back in school, the swimming pool season is fast drawing to an end.  Just because swimming pool owners are getting ready to winterize their pools and shut them down for the winter doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to identify water quality issues. Troubleshooting these issues now, and treating them will go great lengths to ensuring a smoother and more trouble-free transition to spring next year.  In this post from, a great guide to water quality is given that shows different types of water quality issues that may arise.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Often, many water and surface problems can be handled by the individual pool owner. The information below provides solutions to some common pool issues. Always make sure the water is properly balanced prior to any addition of corrective chemicals.

PROBLEM: Pink Slime

DESCRIPTION: Pink, slimy bacterial growth that brushes off easily

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Low sanitizer,Poor maintenance,Improper Water Balance,Poor circulation

SOLUTION: Brushing,Algaecide,Clean the filter,Check the system

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