Got a Jelly Belly? Here are swim exercises that can help you flatten your stomach.

Got a Jelly Belly? Here are swim exercises that can help you flatten your stomach.

Pool Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

From ehow

How did you look in profile in the mirror this morning?  Has it gotten to the point that you don’t even look anymore?  It’s football season, and with it comes tailgating, wings, and beer.  These things, along with a sedentary desk job or lots of couch time can lead to the beer gut.  A sensible diet and exercise is always an option to losing a beer belly, but most people have trouble getting started on an exercise program because they quit early.  Muscle and joint soreness is a major contributor to early termination of these resolutions.  ehow presents an alternative in this post, and it is a low-impact way to get healthy.  Consider jumping in a swimming pool and starting the road to health that way.  There are easy, fun exercises that can be performed in the buyoant and pleasant environment of a swimming pool, and they don’t involve tedious lap swimming.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Pool exercises are a great way to tone up and burn lots of calories. The resistance provided by the water is good for conditioning and helps bones and joints. Belly fat is reduced by burning fat and calories. Performing a series of water exercises on a consistent basis will allow this to happen.

Water Squats

Stand in the pool with your feet positioned evenly with your hips. Slightly bend your knees as you lean your hips back like you are sitting down in a chair. Keep good form by maintaining position of your knees directly behind the toes. Maintain your position in the water with your feet pressed firmly against the ground. Tighten your glutes as you rise up. Go back to the starting position and repeat. The water creates resistance and makes this exercise more difficult.

Water Jogging

Water jogging can be done with flotation devices or by jogging in the shallow end. With a flotation device you will run in place without touching the ground. When running in the shallow end, run back and forth from side to side for a couple laps, and then rest for one minute and resume. Continue this pattern for 20 to 30 minutes.

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