Swimming Has Many Hidden Benefits

Swimming Has Many Hidden Benefits

Fitness Benefits of Swimming

From Fitness Republic

Most people realize that swimming is a very beneficial exercise.  The buoyancy of the water isn’t hard on joints and bones, and the exercise provides dynamic resistance for all of the muscle groups.  What most people proably don’t consciously know, as this post from Fitness Republic points out, is that swimming does so many positive things for one’s body that it might be the best kept secret in the exercise world.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Taking to the water can have more benefits than you may have fathomed! The benefits of swimming are numerous, making swimming for fitness an ideal workout! Here are some of the top notch benefits of swimming and reasons why it should be on your list of workouts to plunge into to attain a more fit body and live a healthier life!

Benefit of Swimming # 1:

Reduced Diabetes Risk

One of the most sought after benefits of swimming can be the ability it holds to lower risk of developing diabetes. Generally, when it comes to lowering the chances of diabetes, there are few tactics that can be as effective as aerobics exercises to do the magic. Just 30 minutes of swimming breast stroke style, can help you burn as many as 900 calories, lowering the risk of contracting diabetes by a whopping 10 percent! Furthermore, if you already suffer from type 1 diabetes, the benefits of swimming can approach you still as swimming has the impact of increasing insulin sensitivity. The American Diabetes Association suggests diabetics to indulge in 150 minutes of exercises such as swimming for fitness, over a period of at least three days a week, to help with glycemic control.

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