It’s never a bad time for Swimming Safety Tips

It’s never a bad time for Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming Safety Tips

From Safe Kids

With the kids back in school, and minds turning towards Fall and the Football Season, it is easy to forget that swimming pools are still open for at least another month.  It is also easy to forget how important swimming safety is, regardless of the season.   If you haven’t brushed up on swimming safety tips lately, this would be a good time to refresh your memory.  In this post from Safe Kids, some great tips are presented to refresh your memory, and maybe one day, save a loved one’s life.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

There Is No Substitute for Active Supervision

Actively supervise children in and around open bodies of water, giving them your undivided attention.

Whenever infants or toddlers are in or around water, an adult should be within arm’s reach to provide active supervision. We know it’s hard to get everything done without a little multitasking, but this is the time to avoid distractions of any kind. If children are near water, then they should be the only thing on your mind. Small children can drown in as little as one inch of water.

When there are several adults present and children are swimming, use the Water Watcher card strategy, which designates an adult as the Water Watcher for a certain amount of time (such as 15-minute periods) to prevent lapses in supervision. Download a Water Watcher card here.

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