Modern Swimming Pool Designs Require Creativity with Automatic Pool Covers

Modern Swimming Pool Designs Require Creativity with Automatic Pool Covers

Edgy Adaptation

From Aqua

Modern swimming pool designers and watershapers try to incorporate the latest technology into their swimming pools.  With the advent of cutting-edge swimming pool designs such as perimeter and slot-overflow, vanishing edge and infinity edge, lautner-edge, etc., pool designs have become increasingly complex and technically advanced.  Unfortunately, these pools also provide a conundrum when the client iwishes to incorporate the safety and energy efficiency of an automatic pool safety cover.  This article from Aqua outlines some ingenious techniques that these advanced watershapers are employing to overcome this small technical hurdle. 

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As custom swimming pool designs become increasingly daring, suppliers of automatic covers are being asked to adapt their products to a variety of construction details. The project pictured here offered just such a challenge for Coverstar (part of the Latham family), which was asked to make an automatic cover function with a perimeter-overflow edge treatment without visual disruption.

It’s a welcome challenge, making our covers work in highly customized pool settings. Case in point: this pool located in St. George, Utah, was the first we’ve done where the track system is fully concealed in a deck-level perimeter overflow slot.

Constructed by Jeff Norton of Sunset Pools, the project is located in an area that features sweeping vistas and scores of custom homes. The pool and outside area were built at the same time as the house, which was featured in the 2011 St. George Parade of Homes. The clients made a significant investment in the contemporary aesthetics of the home and while they wanted the benefits of an automatic cover, they had no desire to visually compromise the project with noticeable tracks on the coping.

The pool is 33 by 16 feet with a beautifully modified rectilinear design, gorgeous stone coping and a lavish all-tile interior surface. The entire outdoor area, which also includes a spa and outdoor kitchen area, is carefully designed to blend with the home’s elegant, contemporary architecture and rich material palette.

Overall, the project stands as a wonderful example of how homeowners are becoming more sophisticated in their desires for integration with indoor and outdoor spaces — and how designers and builders are stepping up to meet those expectations.


This type of edge treatment is intended to present a seamless transition between the water’s surface and the surrounding deck area. It’s a fantastic detail, but in the past, there was no place to conceal a track on a perimeter overflow pool. Until this project came along, the tracks wound up just sitting on top of the deck — a necessary compromise in appearance made in favor of obtaining the benefits of an automatic cover.

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