Small Pools for Smaller Spaces

Small Pools for Smaller Spaces

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Not everyone has multiple acres to install a scaled-down version of a waterpark in their backyard. Additionally, those that have ample room but don’t want to take up their entire backyard with their swimming pool, leaving scant usable space otherwise, are also candidates for a smaller swimming pool design.

Smaller swimming pools can be designed to utilize both the swimming area and the area of the total outdoor space. Special considerations need to be given for the depths and slopes of the smaller pool, as there is a smaller area in which to make depth transitions. Proper lighting of smaller swimming pools is crucial to add elegance and ambiance to the reduced footprint. Utilizing ingress and egress systems properly like steps and grab rails are crucial to preserve the limited useable area. Material choices and color choices are also crucial to maximize the aesthetics of a smaller swimming pool and space.

Smaller pools can utilize virtually all of the features that larger pools utilize for convenience, such as in-floor cleaning systems and automatic covers. Proper filtration sizing is paramount as the smaller body of water will completely turn over through the filtration system faster and will create larger water velocities throughout the pool.


When space is limited on the horizontal plane, designers can utilize the vertical space to create usable space, volume and interest. Raised walls, raised hot tubs, and vertical water features can create vibrancy and interest in limited space. Some designers will outfit a smaller swimming pool with massage jets and a properly-sized swimming pool heater to combine the massage and relaxation benefits of a hot tub with the swimming pool in the same vessel. Swim resistance jets are also a very popular system for making “lap swimming” feasible and pleasant in a smaller-footprint swimming pool. The most important aspects of smaller space swimming pool designs are to consider the positive and negative space, and how the homeowner can optimally utilize the area for living comfort and recreation.