Pool Covers

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Putting a cover on a pool can be a smart move on many different levels. Depending on the objective desired, the type of cover can save the homeowner money, or create a safer environment for pets and children. Advances in technology have made covers not only affordable for most homeowners but a good investment in protecting the homeowner’s most important assets.


Custom concrete swimming pools and spas are finished with expensive surfaces. Pools in areas that experience seasonality and harsh weather conditions can extend the lives of their pool surfaces by utilizing a cover to protect these surfaces. These covers are generally made of either a mesh material or solid material, usually vinyl. The mesh cover allows snow and water to filter through the cover, but keeps unwanted debris out of the pool. Solid covers do not allow water or debris to filter through the cover but can be limited in the amount of snow they can safely handle. While not technically safety covers, these covers will usually keep critters and children out of the pool. These covers are anchored to the pool deck and are removed and stored for the swimming season.


Covers can also be utilized to keep heat inside the pool and to prevent evaporative heat loss when the ambient air temperature drops significantly below the water temperature. While many options are available in the marketplace to accomplish this task, Platinum Pool recommends the Automatic Hydraulic Safety Cover. These systems are permanently installed and can open and close the pool in a matter of seconds by simply pushing a button or turning a key. They maintain the pool temperature, preventing evaporative heat loss. Since the colored covers absorb heat, the cover acts as a heat sink to add additional free heating energy to the swimming pool. They also provide a safe environment for children and pets. The cover material is heavy-weight vinyl available in numerous colors and custom patterns. The cover maintains a beautiful, secure, and energy-efficient environment for the swimming pool owner.


Hot tubs and Spas operate at higher temperatures than swimming pools. Consequently, maintaining the temperature and preventing heat loss in hot tubs and spas is imperative. Traditionally, hot tubs and spas were covered with a foam-core, folding cover. These systems are still available and practical but can become cumbersome to operate for the homeowner over time. Hot tubs and spas can also be outfitted with automatic swimming pool covers, whether on the ground or raised above. These convenient and effective systems can alleviate the hassle of manually folding and stowing a heavy foam and vinyl cover.


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