Fire Features

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Fire and water have been juxtaposed almost from the beginning of civilization. The ancients understood the life-giving properties of fire and water and their ability to create drama. Modern interpretations of this juxtaposition and ancient partnership are increasingly manifest in the contemporary outdoor living spaces of homes across America. Fire can be utilized as a stand-alone feature in a fire pit or Tiki torch, in a fire bowl or vessel to accent areas of a landscape, or combined with water to play on the ancient yin and yang as a dramatic addition to a waterfall, fountain, swimming pool or hot tub.


Fire elements can be placed in virtually any fireproof vessel or used on top of an infinity edge pool dam wall to make the already dramatic feature sublime. Linear fire features can accent areas of a deck or wall and provide needed action and excitement to an otherwise bland space. These features have not only visual benefits but, when designed and installed correctly and strategically, can provide heat and warmth on cooler nights.


Modern interpretations of fire features are becoming increasingly efficient, simple to install and use, and easy to control. Electronic spark and surface ignition systems can make lighting up the night with fire as simple as pushing a button. Appropriately designed, these fire and water features can dramatically add to any outdoor living space.


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