Custom Hot Tubs

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Hydrotherapy, or the submergence of one’s body in super-heated water, has been a part of human consciousness for millennia. The popularity of the hot tub or spa in America probably dates back to the 1940s. Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes, and the hot tubs that Platinum Pool builds are all of the custom variety. Whether integrated into a new or existing swimming pool or as a stand-alone feature, hot tubs can carry a variety of features and options.


Hot tubs can be on-grade, inground, or raised above the ground to various heights. Hot tubs that are on-grade will typically have a custom stone coping around the edge and a step system with hand-rails to ease the ingress and egress of bathers. Raised hot tubs will typically not have a step system, as the tub is usually easier to enter and exit without assistance.


Hot Tubs can be round, square, or any shape imaginable. Hot tubs are usually outfitted with a bench or series of benches at varying heights for the bathers to sit upon. Jets inside the tub can be strictly for aeration to provide different degrees of turbulence or massage. Jets can be situated at various heights to hit the legs, lumbar, and upper body regions. Hot tubs are meant to be heated to 103 degrees Fahrenheit, so designing the hot tub with an appropriately sized heater is paramount. Hot tubs connected to a swimming pool and sharing a pool filtration and heating system must carry a large heater to affect a quick heat-up of the spa from the lower swimming pool temperature.


Hot tubs can have water features spilling outside the tub or jets shooting into or outside of the tub. Waterfalls can also be situated to either spill into or out of the tub. Hot tubs can also have colored lighting to set the ambiance or party atmosphere, as well as the ability to set timers and control heating and turbulence remotely from the house or a smartphone. Hot tubs can also have many of the same features that modern swimming pools enjoy, such as in-floor cleaning systems and automatic safety covers. Swim spas have a swim resistance system where powerful streams of water are fed to the spa to create a current against which the bather can “swim laps” without moving forward. Hot tubs can also be designed to operate year-round in the colder climates for those “Polar Bear” club types.


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