Outdoor Kitchens

From Landscaping Network

Design ideas, planning tips and appliance options for outdoor kitchens

If you are going to entertain in your own backyard, there is nothing quite like having an outdoor kitchen.  Outdoor kitchens make the task of providing stress-free entertaining a breeze, as well as encouraging family and friends to make your backyard the place to be.  This post from Landscaping Network provides a great compendium of outdoor kitchen designs, tips and appliance options to optimize the outdoor design of your backyard for the aformentioned purposes.

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The Battle Against Algae

From Aqua Sense Pools

As anyone who has a swimming pool knows, when you see algae of any kind, it is probably too late.  This seemingly ubiquitous plant can invade your swimming pool when you least expect it, and it seemingly is never in a hurry to leave.  This post from Aqua Sense Pools tells you all about algae, what causes it, and how to prevent and remove it from your swimming pool.

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Have A Cold? 6 Ways A Hot Tub Can Help You Get Rid Of It

From DR Clouthier

For many of us who suffer from seasonal colds and are suceptible to getting the flu, the reasonable treatment is to head to the pharmacy and grab some cold medicine, vitamin c, throat lozenges, chicken soup and orange juice.  Some of us may even try the zinc supplements that are supposed to ward off colds and shorten the duration as soon as they begin.  This post from DR Clouthier tells us that getting right in one's hot tub may be the best way to fight and ward off a cold.  

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Transform Your Outdoor Living Space With a Deck

From Neave Carpentry

Decks have an important place in Architecture of the home, as well as Landscape design.  Decks, whether multi-tiered, attached to a bedroom or living area, or transitional decks can help round out any outdoor space, provide otherwise unusable living space, and can help address elevation issues between the existing home and the landscape.  Additionally, says this post from Neave Carpentry, decks can be the ideal solution for large homes on smaller lots, or backyards with severe slopes away from the home.  The post goes on to talk about the different types of decks, material choices, and costs.

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Types of Materials for Pool Finishes

From Luxury Pools

One of the many things that make inground concrete swimming pools different than their counterparts is the myriad options available for the pool's surface.  This level of customization really sets the finished product apart from vinyl or fiberglass swimming pools, as the level of customization is taken to it's highest mark with the finished surface.  This post from Luxury Pools explains and presents the different surface finish choices for inground concrete pools which include plaster, exposed aggregate, and tile.

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Pool Shade Ideas: 7 Ways to Cover Your Swimming Pool

From Shade FX

The thought that creating shade around a swimming pool is one that usually escapes most people.  Shade isn't the first thing that comes to one's mind when they envision their own inground swimming pool space.  Luckily, skilled designers are attuned to the crucial fact that creating shaded areas in the proper spots are every bit as important as the areas that receive sun.  This post from Shade FX presents 7 unique ways to provide a respite from UV rays and hot midday sun exposure.

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