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For those with heated swimming pools or hydrotherapy pools, the fall swimming pool season can be extended well beyond labor day.  Not Having a heated swimming pool doesn't necessarily preclude one from enjoying the outdoor living space that can be created in one's backyard.  This post from Swimmingpool.com gives some great ideas to outfit one's backyard for ideal outdoor living regardless of the season.

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10 Off Season Pool Care Tips From The Pros

From Swim University

Just putting a cover on your inground swimming pool and watching the snow collect on it doesn't constitute your entire responsibility as a pool owner.  Did you realize that there are many steps that should and could be taken to protect your swimming pool investment, and save you money the following year?  This post from Matt Giovanisci at Swim University polled swimming pool industry experts from around the country to get their best tips for preserving and maintaining inground swimming pools over the long, cold winter months.

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Taking care of your pool doesn’t end when you put the cover on. It’s important to continue caring for your pool during the off-season (fall, winter, and early spring) to ensure a successful and clean opening.

I asked 10 pool care professionals from around the country to give their best tips for off season pool care, and here’s what they had to say:

Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Extreme Leaf Removal

From In The Swim

Leaves are orange and falling with abandon everywhere.  Fall is here, and with it comes the crisper cold north air, shorter days, and the end of outdoor swimming.  For those inground swimming pool owners that have tried to stretch out the swimming season for the Indian Summer, those falling leaves represent a maintenance nightmare.  This post from In the Swim presents some unique and proven methods to easily remove these leaves from your swimming pool. 

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5 Ideas for Making a Big Impact in a Small Outdoor Space

From Shade FX

Just because your backyard isn't a sprawling 10 acres, doesn't mean you can't have an optimized, functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space.  Utilizing space properly to consider balance, proportion, texture, space allocation, pattern, traffic patterns, etc. are the purview of the skilled landscape designer.  This post from Shade FX gives some great examples and pictures of small spaces transformed into beautifullly designed landscapes and will inspire you to recreate your own smaller outdoor living space.

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Creating an outdoor space for a small yard or patio can be challenging; however there are several ways to make every inch count. No need to despair because space is limited. You can still incorporate many of the design elements used in larger outdoor spaces in a small outdoor space if you know a few simple design tricks.

Here are a few big ideas for a small yard to get you started:

Three Ways To Use Your Fall Leaves

From Walpole Outdoors

Fall cleanup is something that many people dread when the temperature turns colder.  Raking leaves, disposing of them, and cleaning up one's property is one of the necessary evils of being a homeowner.  Instead of bagging the leaves for disposal, or burning them, why not try something different this year?  This post from Walpole Outdoors provides some creative ways to utilize these leaves productively to enhance one's outdoor living experience in the fall.

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Crazy Good Pools Worldwide

From Amazing Things

Let's face it, not every backyard is a sprawling ten acres with resonably flat grade.  Many backyards have severe grade changes, bluffs, small area, easements, utility obstructions, bad soil conditions, etc.   These situations usually leave the homeowner desirous of having a swimming pool but relegated to the fact that it isn't possible.  This post from Amazing Things proves this conjecture incorrect, as they present some amazing swimming pools that seem to be squeezed magically into impossible spaces, and yet they are fully-functional, amazingly beautiful works of art.

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Do Swimming Pools Increase Home Value?

From Rising Sun Pools

Inground Swimming Pools are a major investment, there is no question about that.  Some people may wonder if the investment will pay off when selling a home?  This post from Rising Sun Pools addresses this issue in their local market, which is Raleigh, NC.  The answer may surprise you, and will be welcome news to those looking to add a swimming pool for recreation and creating memories.

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Easy-to-Install Bamboo Fencing

From Landscaping Network

Prefabricated bamboo rolled fencing, from Bamboo Fencer

For most people, fencing in their landscape is a necessary evil.  Whether the fence is installed to achieve privacy, or to keep pets safe, traditional fence options seem to have an inverse relationship between aesthetics and cost.  This post from Landscaping Network presents some sustainable options for fencing that not only won't break the bank, they will achieve a beautiful aesthetic while simultaneously being kind to the environment.

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