Is Your Pool Covered?

from Pool FYI

Swimming pool covers can provide a variety of benefits to inground swimming pool owners.  Whether one is seeking energy savings, safety or protection of one's investment, the right swimming pool cover can definetly pay huge dividends.  With all the different types of pool covers available, where does one turn to decide which cover is best?  This post from Pool FYI provides all the information one needs to make this important decision.  Whether it be solar, automatic, winter or solid, choose wisely!

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Old Pool Covers Find New Life...on the Farm?

From Aqua

Swimming pool covers are a valuable utility to protect one's investment in an inground swimming pool. Covers protect the swimming pool surface, and they provide a safety barrier during the off-season months.  It turns out, according to this post from Aqua Magazine, that once these heavy-duty covers exceed their utility on a swimming pool, they can be repurposed for many different applications.  Rather then turning up in a landfill, the pool cover is recycled for various necessary purposes and has a fruitful second life.

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6 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Company to Install Your Pool 

From Pool FYI

Let's face it, you are most likely very knowledgeable in your chosen field.  You spent years learning your field of expertise, and probably are quite confident that you know enough to be considered an expert.  You have reached a certain level of success, and you have decided to reward your family with a new inground swimming pool.  It is also probably safe to say that you are most certainly not an expert in the inground swimming pool design and construction field. Swimming pools are complicated projects, involving many different construction trades and disciplines.  How to you approach the process of choosing an expert to not only deliver the finished product, but to hold your hand and ensure you that you are with the most professional, quality designer and builder possible?  This post from Pool FYI gives you six things to use when you are vetting your swimming pool company, to give you the confidence that you will be in good hands through this potentially confusing process.

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How to Remove Snow From a Pool Cover

From Swim University

Inground swimming pool owners in the midwest, and pretty much every state north of the Mason-Dixon Line have some things in common:  They typicall use a winter cover to protect their pools from the harsh winter conditions, and the cover that they use will at some point be covered in snow.  Many of these pool owners do not realize that it is a very good idea to remove this snow as quickly as possible, says this post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University.  Check out his post on the proper ways to handle this harbinger of winter.

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Are You Spending Way Too Much to Operate Your Swimming Pool?

From Bob Vila

This summer, take a serious look at the cost of operating and maintaining your pool. You may find that a pump upgrade could provide as much relief to your wallet as your pool provides to your family's comfort and happiness.

Receiving one's first gas and electric bill after building an inground swimming pool can be an eye-opening experience.  Most people are not prepared for the increased costs of utilities that result from the operation of a pool and/or hydrotherapy pool.  This post from Bob Vila presents some of the latest technologies and small changes that can be made to save a bunch of money during the Summer months, as well as to be environmentally friendly.

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Five Marvelous Must Have Features for Fall Outdoor

From Shade FX

Backyards are for Summer, right?  Swimming Pools, Barbeques, throwing the ball around;  most of the activity in one's backyard is during the warm Summer months.  There are some very interesting ways to extend the use of one's backyard and outdoor living space, however, says this post from Shade FX.  With the features and ideas in this post, one can convert their outdoor living space into a comfortable, useful gathering space to extend the use of the space and to continue building memories well into the Fall.

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40 Spectacular Pools That Will Rock Your Senses

From Design Rulz

Whether is is the use of spectacular glass tile, sophisticated edge treatments, exotic stones and rockwork from around the world, or over-the-top commercial waterpark features brought into the backyard, modern pool design is truly an amazing artistic expression.  No longer is a swimming pool merely a concrete hole in the ground with a santization system that is completely utilitarian.  This gallery from Design Rulz shows some of the best representations of the artform in this post, and these pools truly inspire.

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