The 10 scariest hotel swimming pools in the world

From Lost At E Minor

The art of swimming pool design and construction has been moving forward at a breakneck pace.  Skilled artisans are pushing the envelope as to what is possible, and seemingly are wowing the public with each technological advance.  Applied to the hotel industry, these works of art provide a destination that is frequently the main attraction at the hotel.  Sometimes, these designs can be extremely scary and intimidating for the patrons, as is the case with the gallery that is presented in this post from Lost at E Minor.

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7 Disgusting Facts About Dirty Public Swimming Pools

From Medical Daily

Swimming is a tremendous, vigorous activity that keeps millions of people healthy worldwide.  Unfortunately, the swimmer's hygiene and behavior can drastically alter the safety quotient for the other swimmers.  This post from Medical Daily outlines some of the hidden dangers that can be lurking beneath the surface of your local swimming pool, and tells how you can protect yourself and your family from them.

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Do I have to shower before swimming? Pool safety questions answered

From CTV News

When most people think of swimming pool safety, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not running on the pool deck.  Perhaps the first image one recieves when thinking about pool safety is a "no diving" sign, ubiquitous in one's childhood.  According to this post from CTV News, pool safety encompasses these and many more, including one's behavior beyond the curtailing of running on decks.

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Chlorinated Pools and Eye Health

From Water Quality and Health

Most people that have experienced swimming in pools, specifically indoor pools, understand what effect a chlorinated pool can have on ones eyes and vision.  What most people don't understand is the role that the swimmers actually play in making swimming pools unsafe.  This post from Water Quality and Health discusses how good personal hygiene, and proper swimming habits play a very large role in keeping any swimming pool safe for the swimmer's eyes.

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Luxury Backyard Cabanas
9 ideas for designing the ultimate outdoor entertaining cabana

From Landscaping Network

Owner's of inground swimming pools will all eventually have to deal with this issue: swimmers and guests require things like towels, bathrooms, showers, food, drink, and shelter from the sun.  Additionally, those who wish to entertain around their swimming pool will have to bring things out from the house to serve food and drink.  The perfect solution is the pool house, cabana, or gazebo.  While once the province of swanky resorts and tropical enclaves, the cabana is the perfect solution for outdoor living and entertaining.

What Are the Benefits of an Indoor Pool in Schools?

From Livestrong

Not all public education facilities have swimming pools, but according to this post from Livestrong, they probably should.  Swimming provides a legion of benefits to the developing mind that are often overlooked.  Additionally, swimming helps reach exercise goals, and helps teach a life skill that is truly invaluable.  

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America's coolest indoor water parks


Those of us who wish to escape the cold and snowy winters have many choices.  Tropical climbs are certainly nice, but also take alot of planning, and are difficult to book during the Holidays.  Even the most experienced travel agents have trouble finding places that are affordable for the average family.  One popular themed winter trip is to haul the family to many of the spectacular indoor water parks in the U.S.  These parks have affordable vacation packages, great food, comfortable lodging, and some of the most amazing indoor water features that are able to be used anywhere.  This post from catalogues some of the coolest ones, and may just inspire you to take the family for a water park vacation this Winter!

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10 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best (And The Worst) Sport

From Mindbodygreen

Swimming is a singular sport and form of exercise and recreation.  This tongue-in-cheek post from mindbodygreen exalts the postives of the sport of swimming, while also stating the obvious drawbacks that are associated with spending hours in chlorinated water.  We think that the positives outweigh the negatives, as swimming is a lifelong activity that can have huge benefits to one's mind, body and soul.  Click here to judge for yourself...

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10 Easy Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

from Swim University

In many parts of the country during the Winter months, the hot tub sees the only swimming pool activity.  Until Memorial day, hot tubs serve many purposes for people, including relaxation, therapy, and recreation.  Unfortunately, because the vessel of water is smaller, and the water is super-heated, hot tub care and maintenance is very different than a regular swimming pool.  This post from Matt Giovanisci at Swim University presents a handy guide to hot tub care and maintenance, and shows that armed with the proper knowledge, the hot tub can be a great winter distraction, free from issues.

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