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There is no better way to maximize the home ownership experience than to undertake an outdoor landscape design project.  Not only will a properly designed and fabulous landscape give one's home curb appeal, it will make the experience of spending time inside and outside the home much more enjoyable.  Undertaking a landscape design project can be intimidating, which is why this post from Landscape Planet is so useful.  In this post, some very simple steps to take and to understand will make this process easy, smooth, and enjoyable from start to finish.

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Pros’ Picks
A look at the most useful and exciting waterpark products, selected by the people who know them best

From Aquatics International

For those that pay close attention to the residential swimming pool market, this is no secret:  Commercial Waterpark features eventually are demanded by residential swimming pool owners.  Most of the innovations in residential swimming pool design and construction have been spurned and inspired by features that people have enjoyed at pubic facilities.  Most people either encounter these amenities while on vacation, or at a local waterpark.  This post from Aquatics International polls some of the top aquatic designers and engineers for their current favorite water park amenities, which may be appearing in one form or another at a residential swimming pool near you.

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In Ground Spas
Information on swim spas, spools and other custom spa options

From Landscaping Network

Many Americans are coming around to the idea of hot water therapy.  In Europe, Spas and Saunas have been commonplace for centuries.  In the U.S., however, spas, sometime known as hot tubs, are sometimes maligned for various reasons.  Fortunately, advances in design and technology have allowed the artform of in ground spas to advance to the point that in ground tubs are becoming a fixture in outdoor living designs.  This post from Landscaping Network profiles the many different forms that an in ground spa can take, such as gunite, fiberglass, and swim spas.

10 of the world's best swimming pools: readers' travel tips

From The Guardian

For those looking for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, there is nothing that can compare to a swimming pool.  Many experienced travelers are now trying to incorporate swimming pools into their travel plans, as these amenities are becoming the center of attention at many fabulous travel destinations worldwide.  This post from The Guardian showcases ten of the most amazing swimming pools from around the world with an eye towards helping that traveler choose their next vacation.

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