10 Quick Tips to Add More Value to your Outdoor Home

From Freshome

We've all heard of the term "Curb Appeal".  Unfortunately, the exterior of one's home, usually the largest investment in one's life, is often ignored, or at least deferred.  This post from Freshome presents 10 tips for increasing one's home value by making key improvements on the outside, and coincidentially, increasing one's pleasure while enjoying the great outdoors.

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4 Eco-Friendly Pools Worthy Of Your Backyard

From Care 2

A swimming pool is a vessel filled with water, which in and of itself seems to be an environmentally friendly amenity, right?  Unfortunately, the use of equipment and utilities that burn fossil fuel has always been the bugaboo with swimming pool ownership.  Luckily for the environmentally conscious, advances in technology and innovations over the last decade have seen environmental consciousness permeate into the swimming pool industry.  Efficient equipment, chlorine alternatives, and natural options in filtration have made the swimming pool closer to an eco friendly amenity.  This post from Care 2 discusses 4 of these advances to make your backyard a more natural, environmentally-conscious one.

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Outdoor Fireplace Styles

From Landscaping Network

There is nothing that brings people together on a brisk evening like an outdoor fireplace.  The crackling of the fire, the warmth, and the glow all seem to promote happy feelings and congeniality.  The outdoor fireplace can take on many forms, as this post from the Landscaping Network points out.  Which style will you choose for your outdoor living paradise?

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Backyard Fencing

Ideas for enclosing your backyard with a fence

from Landscaping Network

A backyard fence can be different things to different people.  Recall the old addage, "Good fences make good neighbors.".  Luckily, fences aren't just a necessary evil to keep your neighbor from stalking you.  Fences can be decorative, and actually add to the overall asethetic of your outdoor living space.  This post from Landscaping Network discusses some of the various options that are available in fencing to enhance your landscape while also accomplishing the utilitarian tasks for which fences are designed.

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Hillside Landscaping Ideas
Five tips for landscaping a slope

From Landcaping Network

Properly designing a landscape on a relatively flat sloped yard is hard enough.  Considering all of the elements of design like space, rhythm, color, texture, etc. can be challenging in a standard environment, let alone having to deal with significant drops in slope and elevation changes.  Add into the mix a hillside or severe slope such as a lake or ocean bluff, and you have an extremely challenging task.  This post from the Landscaping Network gives some great tips and ideas for handling this very situation elegantly.

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From 1 Stop Pool Pros

When going through the process of designing a swimming pool for one's own home, it is easy to get bewildered.  Swimming Pool Design professionals are constantly throwing terms at you that they assume you will understand, and these design decisions can greatly impact the asethetics and functionality of your swimming pool.  After all, if you were an expert in the swimming pool design field, you wouldn't need someone else to design and build your pool, right?  This post from 1 stop pool pros talks about a very important aspect of concrete inground swimming pools, the tile and coping.  One of the most visible parts of the pool is the coping and tile, and it extremely important that you not only understand the significance of these design decisions, but that you get them right!

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UMass breaks Guinness World Record for largest fruit salad: 15,291 pounds in a swimming pool

From Mass Live

Swimming pools are not always used for just swimming.  Perhaps you've heard of the empty swimming pools that are converted into skating rinks for the winter months.  

Additionally, world records are usually reserved for olympic swimmers in pools, but not this world record. According to this post from Mass Live, the world record for the largest fruit salad ever assembled was actually prepared in a swimming pool.  Looks delicious, don't you think?

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