Top 3 Mommy and Me Swimming Pool Activities

From Shasta Pools

Introducing a baby to your swimming pool is always a stressful activity, especially for the new parent.  It is always helpful to have some guidance, and a plan.  Mommy and Me swim classes, usually offered at the local YMCA or public swim facility, is a great way to introduce an infant to the wonders of swimming.  This post from Shasta Pools offers the top 3 Mommy and Me swimming activities to try at your own home swimming pool.  After all, you built your very own pool for privacy, convenience, and to keep your family close to home.  Why not start introducing your children to it right at their beginning of life's journey?

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Top 4 Swimming Pool Games For Family Fun And Kids

From American Pools & Spas

Parents are always looking for ways to occupy and entertain their kids.  Even with the built-in advantage of a swimming pool, games and activities are still required to hold the interest of the short attention spans typically associated with kids.  This post from American Pools & Spas presents 4 great ideas for familes with swimming pools.  The games and activities presented in this post can be an afternoon of fun, or can be the centerpiece of a kids' pool party.

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Are Pools Safe for Pregnant Women?


One cannot be too careful while pregnant.  Women try to eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and be careful about the products they use so as not to adversely affect their child in utero.  Many women, while told that swimming is a great exercise during pregnancy, are afraid to get into swimming pools because of health concerns.  This post from AQUA Magazine helps dispell the rumor that swimming pools are harmful to pregnant women, as long as the water is properly maintained.

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How to Introduce a Baby to Swimming
Getting your tot used to the water and teaching baby to swim can be fun for both of you!

From Parents

For parents of a newborn, there are so many new expereinces and new things to be conscious of when you are now responsible for the protection and livlihood of your newborn.  What to feed them, how to care for them if they are sick, sleep patterns, and so many other things that are typically new to the young parent.  For parents that either have access to or have their own Swimming Pool, the question always arises as to when they can introduce their newborn to the pool.  This post from Parents gives you a great step-by-step guide along with tips and tricks to accomplish that wonderful milestone safely and effectively.

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What Is Concrete?

from Gizmodo

Concrete is literally ubiquitous.  According to this post from Gizmodo, concrete is the most popular artificial material on Earth.  Two things that we know about concrete for certain:  Concrete will get hard and concrete will crack.  Beyond that, what is there to know?  For example, what makes concrete the ideal swimming pool structural material?  This post answers all of the possible questions about concrete, gives its origins, the chemistry behind its curing, and talks about the history and future of this versatile material.

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Let's face it:  Everyone loves to play games while in the swimming pool.  Why do you think kids invented the game called Marco Polo?  Utilizing zero props, requiring only a swimming pool and unbridled enthusiasm, Marco Polo illustrates perfectly the human desire to play games while swimming.  This post from Swimming provides an exhaustive compendium of swimming pool games, along with a link to get an explanation of how to play.  Use the guide for some great ideas around the swimming pool this summer!

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Five Major Advantages Of Installing Salt Water Pools

From Salt Water Pool Plus

There is no subject in the history of the swimming pool industry that has spawned more discussion, confusion, and controversy than salt water chlorination systems.  In the past, we have catalogued the case against these systems for various reasons.  This post from Salt Water Pool Plus presents the affirmative case for salt water pools by presenting 5 major advantages of these systems.  As long as the consumer understands the pros and the cons and makes an informed decision, there is nothing wrong with utilizing these chlorinators as directed.

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Luxury Outdoor Lighting Solutions

From Stylish Eve

Outdoor lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of any landscape project.  Further, homeowners will spend tens of thousands updating their home's curb appeal, or their outdoor living space, while neglecting the ability to enhance the vista and make the outdoor space useful after dark.  THis post from Stylish Eve presents some great ideas for outdoor lighting accents, enhancements, and additions to any landscape design that converts the 8-10 hours of darkness into useful nighttime outdoor living potential. 

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15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs

From Home Design Lover

If having a swimming pool in one's house is the ultimate luxury, then having a pool house right next to it is a close second.  Having a dedicated space for changing, laundry, using the restrooms, and entertaining around the pool is a great luxury for those fortunate to have the swimming pool.  A pool house keeps traffic and wet feet out of the main residence, which is especially useful when large numbers of guests are using the pool.  This post from Home Design Lover presents some amazing pool house designs for those seeking inspiration for their own convenient hideaway next to the swimming pool.

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