Florida Homeowner Finds 100+ Frogs in Pool

From Aqua

Anyone who has experienced an infestation in any area of their home knows what a frightening experience that this can be.  Every 17 years, the cicada comes out of the ground, and the prehistoric looking bug covers the yard, driveway, and swimming pool.  One Florida homeowner experienced something right out of the Old Testament, and how he dealt with it could be instructive to others who may find themselves in the same situation.

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10 Reasons to Get a Backyard Pool For the Kids

from Pool Pricer

Usually, its an easy decision to install an inground swimming pool.  Once the financial means are in place, the reasons to put one's own backyard swimming pool are legion.  This post from Pool Pricer lists ten reasons to install an inground swimming pool for those that are actually on the fence about this decision.  Rest assured, this is an investment that pays dividens in myriad ways for years to come.

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What Is The Best Concrete Mix?

From Swimming Pool Steve

Concrete is the most ubiquitious man made substance in the world.  It might even be argued that the foundation of the world is built on concrete.  This versatile, strong material is singularly ideal for so many construction projects, not the least of which being the inground swimming pool.  Concrete is a mix of some basic and sometimes not so basic materials, which can cause confusion as to what really constitutes concrete.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve gives one of the easiest to understand treatises on concrete ever published.

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Is Your Pet Safe at the Pool This Summer?

From Around The Gate

We are all pretty much aware that an inground swimming pool can present a significant safety hazard to children.  We devote much time and energy with safety devices and safety rules to keep kids safe around a swimming pool.  What most people tend to forget is that a swimming pool can present a significant safety hazard to household pets and animals as well.  This post from Around the Gate presents some practical tips for keeping the household dog or cat safe around the swimming pool this summer.

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How to Properly Vacuum your Pool!

from Aqua Palace

If you are the DIY type, you will probably want to maintain your own inground swimming pool.  Taking care of one's own pool is no small task, as it entails knowing about water chemistry, cloudly pools, sanitizers, pool pumps, pool filters, skimmers, and the most common of all activities, pool cleaning.  The cornerstone of pool cleaning is the pool vacuuming, which can be confusing for some pool owners.  This post from Aqua Palace presents an easy guide for pool vacuuming, going through the process step by step.

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How to Throw the Perfect Pool Party

From Guardian Pool Fence

Summer means swimming, and entertaining.  One's outdoor living space wouldn't be serving it's purpose without entertaining, and what is entertaining around a pool without having a real pool party.  What usually stumps even the most seasoned entertainers is how to structure a swimming pool party for various age groups.  Should there be games?  What kind of food is best to serve?  This post from Guardian Pool Fence gives some great tips to throwing the perfect pool party.  Such subjects as decorations, food and drink, and dress code are all addressed in detail in this handy post.

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From Richards Total Backyard Solutions

At some point during one's swimming pool ownership,  one will invariably have to contend with algae.  Whether a sanitizer has run out, or whether the family is returning from a week's vacation, algae will invade and bloom in the swimming pool quickly if it has the opportunity.  This post from Richards TBS talks about how to remove this algae when it takes hold, whether it be green, black, or the mustard variety.  Left unchecked, alage can ruin a good week or two of the summer season by making one's pool unusable. 

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Pool drowning prevention: Tips to prevent a tragedy around the water

From WPTV.com

With Summer officially on our doorstep, it's time to remember that kids are drawn to open water like flies to a bug lamp.  With nearly 6 million inground swimming pools in the United States, and 10 drownings occurring every day, it is important to have a good plan in place to prevent kids from encountering the potential for drowning.  This post from WPTV.com addresses this issue head on with good strategies and tips to ensure that this harbinger of Summer, the swimming pool, doesn't turn into a nightmare.

Off The Deep End: Pool Safety

From BGW Law

Swimming pools can be the centerpiece of summer fun, recreation, and enjoyment.  Unfortunately, pools can also be an attractive nuisance.  This term commonly used in legal and insurance cirlcles refers to the fact that a pool invites trouble.  Children and animals are drawn to the vessel, and when unsupervised this can result in injury or death.  This post from Buzzell, Graham and Walsh Law Offices quotes the CDC in saying that ten (10) people die every day from drowning.  The post goes on to present the 8 common causes of drowning, and tips to prevent them from happening.

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