Swimming Pool Design Ideas

From Zillow Digs

Pictures are probably the second best way to gain design insipiration for a swimming pool project; the first being actually visiting other swimming pools to "test drive" the features and amenities.  If pictures are the only feasible option, then what better place to view pictures than a website dedicated to real estate?  Zillow is the market leader in websites that locate and price real estate, and their Zillow Digs site has a compendium of ideas for many different types of features and amenities for homes.  This post is dedicated to the different swimming pool designs that appear on their real estate listings, and it is an amazing collection of design ideas.


The One Key To Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off

From River Pools

If you Google "Pool Builder", you will be inundated with names and company profiles.  While it would seem that there is a glut of professional looking websites and shimmering reputations online, looks tend to be deceiving.  Stories are constantly popping up around the U.S. about a pool builder/client relationship gone awry.  In some cases, the pool builder takes money from an unsuspecting client and disappears.  How is a prospective pool owner to evaluate and properly vet a quality pool builder?  This post from River Pools helps the novice pool owner navigate these treacherous, shark infested waters.

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Dreamy Pool Design Ideas


Acquiring design inspiriation for an inground swimming pool is sometimes a time consuming effort.  It always helps to swim in as many pools as one can find, to see what features and shapes, design elements, etc. appeal to each individual.  It also is always a great idea to look at other designs, and this is where this post from HGTV comes in.  The post presents some amazing swimming pool designs to highlight different design elements and features to inspire.

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30+ Beautiful Swimming Pools We'd Love to Take a Dip In
From infinity pools to an English garden-inspired design, these incredible water features make a splash. ​

From House Beautiful

Swimming Pool design inspiriation can come from many different places.  Some designs incorporate one's favorite feature from a vacation spot that made an impression on one.  Some inspirations come from nature, or from a design motif to match one's home.  Frequently, design inspiration can come from other projects, namely through completed pictures.  This post from House Beautiful presents 30 such awe-inspiring designs to get the juices flowing.

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Natural Swimming Pools: 9 Myths Busted

From Houselogic

Natural swimming pools, a body of water that is filtered using natural plants and bacteria, have become very popular over the last decade.  While there are many pros and cons, (and no shortage of opinions about them on both sides of the professional fence), all can agree that swimming in a natural or organic swimming pool is a vastly different experience than swimming in a traditional inground swimming pool.  This post from Houselogic presents some myths and notions about these entities, and attempts to clear the water as well as the air on this subject.

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Heath and Hot Water: The History of Nature's 'Hot Tub'


The history of our modern day hot tub dates back to a geological oddity.  Natural hot springs, as this post from AQUA magazine points out, were the inspiriation for what we now think of as a hot tub.  Loosely defined as emergent ground water that is heated geothermically, these hot springs occur naturally on every continent in the world.  Its no wonder that these relaxing, theraputic bodies of water inspired this phenomenon.

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Swimming Pool Salt Water Chlorine Generator Reviews

From Swimming Pool Steve

If you are looking for thougtful, informative, technical information about swimming pools, nobody in the industry will bring this type of content to more effectively than Swimming Pool Steve.  In this post, he brings the issue of Salt Water Swimming Pool Chlorine Generators to the forefront, with the disclaimer that salt pools ARE NOT an alternative to chlorine.  He also reviews the major brands and presents the pros and cons of them.

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Health Risks of Using Hot Tubs

From Swim University

Hot Tubs are renowned for the benefits, such as relaxation, therapy and recovery.  Ofter overlooked, sometimes, are the actual health risks and dangers that a hot tub can present.  This post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University outlines these risks, which include accidential injury and illness.

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Understanding the Pressure Gauge on your Pool Filter

From Swim University

Taking a look at a swimming pool equipment pad, with the pump and motor humming and the heater firing can be an interesting adventure.  Trying to figure out where the water in certain pipes goes, and how to work the equipment is something that DIY'ers always want to know, just in case something goes wrong and they want to attempt a repair.  One of the things that tends to baffle most people, however, is the little gauge on top of the swimming pool filter.  This post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University explains what the pressure gauge is, what it does, and what it is telling you.

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