5 Secrets Most Pool Service Companies Won't Tell You

From Angies List

Finding a swimming pool service company can be a nightmare, as there are no shortage of people willing to take your money and supposedly take care of your swimming pool.  Getting a low price and a nice salesperson doesn't necessarily mean that you are receiving the most professional and thorough pool service available.  This post from Angie's list presents a very informative post about choosing a swimming pool service company that won't leave swimming pool owners holding the bag on hot summer days.

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The Top 5 Reasons Pool Contractors/Builders Go Out of Business

From River Pools

The term Caveat Emptor has never been more applicable then when one is planning an inground swimming pool project.  Stories of contractors going out of business, or simply disappearing with client's money are scary to say the least, and happen way to frequently.  This post from River Pools tells us how to avoid these landmines by identifiying the characteristics of swimming pool companies that are most likely to disappear.

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61 Pictures of Swimming Pools for Your Backyard Design Ideas

From Home Stratosphere

If you are looking for design inspiration for a backyard design, look no further. This post from Home Stratosphere presents over 60 pictures of complete backyard designs including swimming pools to illustate the different design options available.  What better way to get started on one's own backyard design?

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962 Swimming Pools


Having trouble finding the exact swimming pool design that would look great in your backyard?  Would a catalog of nearly 1,000 luxury swimming pool designs help get your creative juices flowing?  This post from HGTV is the single place to find that design, as this post presents 962 swimming pool pictures to inspire.

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Swimming Pools

Relax with these refreshing swimming pool design ideas & pictures.


What better way to garner ideas for a swimming pool design than to look at the artisic achievements of other swimming pool designers? This compendium of photos and videos from HGTV gives a wide range of designs and ideas for inspiration.

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Building an Indoor Pool: What You Need to Know

From Luxury Pools

Indoor Pools: Construction, Ventilation, Design & Cost

While many homeowners are perplexed at the prospect of undertaking an inground swimming pool project due to the complexities of design, costs, etc., the prospect of initiating an indoor pool project can be orders of magnitude more complex.  Adding an enclosure to an inground pool, climate control, and the special materials suited to a natatorium environment can increase both the cost and complexity of the construction process.  This post from Luxury Pools talks about all of the associated issues related to indoor pool construction and design, and is a great starting point for the intrepid homeowner that wishes to swim year-round.

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Indoor Swimming Pool Installation Cost


Even for those professionals in the construction industry, the indoor swimming pool remains somewhat of an enigma.  The myriad options and necessities like vapor barriers, proper material selection, and dehumidification systems drive the price of an indoor pool up greatly versus its outdoor counterpar.  This post from Fixr presents a thorough study of the costs associated with building an indoor pool, which can be a great starting point for the prospective indoor swimming pool owner.

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50 Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas For A Delightful Dip!

From decoist

You can feel the winter chill in the air, and it is a harbinger of snow drifts, bitter temperatures, and below zero wind chills.  Wouldn't it be spectacular if you could be swimming in an inground pool during these chilly winter months?  This post from Decoist presents 50 design ideas for the perfect indoor swimming pool design.

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