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Swimming pools are one of America's great luxury items.  There are a range of costs, depending on the type of construction.  Features and materials can also drive the cost of the project, as well as amenities like finished landscaping.  This post from Improvenet gives you a guide to the average costs for all of the different types of swimming pools, and explains the process and hidden costs as well.

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So you want to have an inground swimming pool built in your backyard, but you don't know where to begin?  Have no fear, this post from gives you everything that you need to get off the schnide.  The post starts with the basics of swimming pools, explaining how they work.  The next step gets the prospective buyer thinking about how they will use their pool, which informs the design.  The next part talks about the steps in the construction process and what to expect at every turn.  The last part of the post talks about the different aspects of swimming pools that drive the cost. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Install an Inground Pool?

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Inground pools are a great addition to any home, according to this post from Home Advisor.  Frequently, Home Advisor will publish articles about home improvements and their costs, as well as their effect on home values.  This article not only does this, but it also helps the reader evaluate the costs of differenty types of construction, the available features, as well as some other considerations for swimming pools that can affect home value.

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19 Spectacular Pools From Around the Globe

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These incredible infinity pools, heavenly oceanside pools and luxurious lap pools around the world have unmatched allure. Take a dip

Swimming pool designs have evolved into functional works of art.  These masterpieces are displayed in hotels and backards across the globe.  Using modern advanced hydraulics and edge designs, these masterworks are as fun to use as they are beautiful to behold.  This post from Houzz, which features a project by Platinum Pool, showcases the pinnacle of the watershapers art.

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Six Deadly Pool Purchasing Mistakes
(and How to Avoid Them)

From Aqua Pools

Let's face it, there are only a few really major purchases in most people's lives.  Certainly their home, their vehicle, and for those fortunate enough to have them, their swimming pool.  Which one of these purchases do most people know the least about?  You guessed it, the swimming pool.  This post from Aqua Pools presents an excellent guide to help a prospective outdoor living purchaser through the process.  Starting the process with this guide will avoid many of the landmines that are common to the process.

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Inside Chlorine's Staying Power

From Aqua

Everyone recoginzes the "YMCA" smell from "Chlorine".  Perhaps it is this caustic smell that gives people a natural aversion to Chlorine in swimming pools.  Or, perhaps, the myriad studies that supposedly prove that chlorine causes cancer, asthma, and a host of other diseases.  This post from Aqua Magazine examines whether Chlorine is the villan that it is made out to be, and whether it will eventually be eliminated.  

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Can Indoor Pools Sink Home Values?

From Wall Street Journal

Adding an inground pool may or may not affect a home's value, as there are myriad opinions on both sides of this issue.  Indoor pools are even more specific when it comes to ownership, according to this article from the Wall Street Journal.  The article by Leigh Camping Carder says that only 500-600 luxury home listings in the United States, or .7% include indoor pools.  Whether making the investment will yield a good return, these homeowners that are fortunate enough to afford and enjoy this amenity wouldn't change a thing.

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How Much Do Inground Pools Cost?

From River Pools

Everyone who contemplates installing an inground swimming pool, regardless of type, wants to know the answer to this question.  The folks at River Pools and Spas present the answer by discussing the various types of inground swimming pools, what to expect in terms of initial and ongoig costs, and which ones they think are the best.   Being a fiberglass builder, River Pools slants towards that product, but we feel that this is a good initial comparison to see what is available, and which product best suits the individual customer.

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