Build Swimming Pool Cost From Fixr Building an inground pool can be costly.  There are numerous factors that can drive the cost upward, including:  construction method, materials, features, etc.  One factor that most consumers do not consider is location, or...

How Much do Above Ground and Inground Swimming Pools Cost?

From River Pools

Making the decision to acquire an inground swimming pool and outdoor living space is one of the most exciting ones in a lifetime.  Once the initial honeymoon period wears off, and the process actually begins, the next question is invariably "What is this going to cost?"  This post from River Pools addresses this issue head on, by takling about the different types of swimming pool construction and their average costs around the country.

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3 Ways To Use Your Pool During Cold Weather

From Leisure Pools

Not many people in cold weather climates choose to keep their swimming pools open for the winter.  Those that do, according to this post from Leisure Pools, are enjoying a thoroughly invigorating experience.  The post explains three major ways that swimming pool owners can enjoy their swimming pools for the winter months.

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Semi Inground Pool Home Design Photos

From Houzz

One subgenre of custom swimming pool design is the semi inground swimming pool.  Elevating a portion of the swimming pool above grade or burying a portion of the swimming pool leaves a very interesting decorative element above grade.  Additionally, this design allows for interesting elevation changes on the designs.  This post from Houzz presents 256 examples of this interesting architectural element and the associated landscape designs associated with them.

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From Landscaping Network

Tips and design ideas for installing an inground swimming pool

Where does one start the process of desiging and installing an inground swimming pool?  The decision to transform one's backyard into the ultimate recreation space is usually the easiest part of the process.  Actually moving forward on a backyard project can be overwhelming for most prospective swimming pool owners.  This post from Landscaping Network gives a very pratical, common-sense guide to overcoming pool building anxiety and actually helps move the process forward efficiently.  

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60 spectacular kidney shaped swimming pool designs for your patio From Minimalisti According to this post from Minimalisti, the first kidney-shaped pool was designed by Landscape Architect Thomas Church in 1948.  It only stands to reason that creative types became...

15 Modern Inground Pools to Love

From Home Design Lover

Modern Architecture is a unique aesthetic, utilizing clean rectilinear lines, and modern materials.  Modern swimming pool designs utilize this aesthetic brilliantly, as the canvas of the outdoor living space provides the perfect medium to express this art.  This post from Home Design Lover illustrates some brilliant examples of the modern swimming pool from around the world.

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Backyard Swimming Pool Designs (Planning Guide)

From Love Home Designs

Choosing to build an inground swimming pool in one's backyard is usually one of the most expensive financial transacations that one will undertake in a lifetime.  Getting started is always the hardest part, once the decision to build one has been made.  This guide from Love Home Designs not only presents some great design ideas and pictures, but serves as a guide through the process.  The post talks about the different types of construction, the costs, and other available amenities.

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23 Small Pool Ideas to Turn the Backyard into a Relaxing Retreat From Decoist One does not have to have a sprawling estate to have a wonderful outdoor living experience.  A properly designed outdoor space that includes a smaller swimming...