30+ Beautiful Swimming Pools We'd Love to Take a Dip In

From infinity pools to an English garden-inspired design, these incredible water features make a splash.

From House Beautiful

From Infinity Edge pools to amazing water and fire features, the modern swimming pool design is truly something to behold.  Skilled designers incorporate exotic materials and advanced hydraulics to bring breathtaking designs to fruition.  This post from House Beautiful showcases some of the most amazing swimming pool designs from around the world.  


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10 Best Pool Alarms To Keep Your Family Safe

From Swim University

Parents that have inground swimming pools constructed in their backyards are generally aware and very concerned about the drowning hazareds that a swimming pool presents.  According to this post from Matt Giovanisci from Swim University, the CDC reports ten people die every day from unintentional drowning, two of which are children under the age of 14.  While automatic pool safety covers, door alarms, and fencing has helped keep pool areas safe, there is another measure of protection that is available.  This post presents the ten best swimming pool alarms for swimming pools that could provide an additional layer of protection.

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Enchanting Pool With Modern Small Inground Pool For Yard House Designs Ideas For Awesome Swimming Pool Patio Design From Decorating.pics There is no better way to arrive at a design for a backyard living space than to look at completed...

How to Landscape Around an Inground Pool in a Weekend

From Swim University

Landscaping around an inground pool project is typically an area that is overlooked by the pool purchaser.  Prospective pool buyers get so excited by the prospect of having the joy and recreation that an inground swimming pool provides, that they overlook the fact that their backyard will be torn to shreds, and in need of landscape repair, at a minimum.  More elaborate inground pool projects that include grade changes and other more involved landscape features will tend to alter the landscape more drastically, and will require a professional in order to ensure that they are properly installed.  This post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University presents a way to landscape around a swimming pool in 2 days or less, which is amazing.

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28 Fabulous Small Backyard Designs with Swimming Pool

From Woo Home

Small spaces can be spectacular, especially with a well-thought out landscape design.  Even swimming pools can maximize a smaller backyard space, and have all of the amenities that a larger space can have.  This post from Woo Home presents some of the best examples of the designer's skills in placing swimming pools and elaborate landscape designs into smaller spaces.

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Astonishing swimming pool deck ideas

From Simple Pool Tips

The area around a swimming pool, alternatively known as a patio, deck, or pool decking, is a very important component of swimming pool design.  While often overlooked in the overall design process, the deck serves not only as a collar around the swimming pool to facilitate ingress and egress from the pool and house, it also provides a decorative design element that sets off the swimming pool design visually.  This post from Simple Pool Tips presents some deck design ideas including many types of swimming pools and deck options from wood to stone.

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10 Stunning Backyard Pool Design Ideas

From Country Living

There is a visceral reaction from human beings when they view a properly designed backyard.  The symbiosis of rhythm, color, pattern, space allocation, and harmony stimulate something deeply ingrained in the paleolithic brain of all people.  This post from Country Living elicits that response from this amazing gallery of swimming pools and stunningly-appointed backyard landscape designs.  

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From Smartrubix 

Whether one's taste leans to the traditional or one is dazzled by the clean lines of a modern home, there is one thing that all homeowners can agree upon:  looking at finished pictures of projects is the best way to find out what one likes.  Designing and building a swimming pool is very much the same thing, as looking at finished projects is the most efficient way to find out what designs and features will fit within one's tastes.  This post form Smartrubix presents a wonderful finished inground swimming pool gallery that runs the gammut of tastes from the modern to the traditional.

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