How Much Does it Cost to Install an Inground Pool?

From Home Advisor

Now that Summer is here, many people's minds turn to installing an inground swimming pool.  If you have waited until Memorial Day to think about a custom inground swimming pool, you are probably looking at swimming next year.  This post from Home Advisor explains the factors that drive costs when installing an inground swimming pool. These factors include construction type, size, features, location, etc.

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What Is the Average Size of In-Ground Swimming Pools?

From eHow

The question of the size of a swimming pool is usually broached early on in the swimming pool design process.  The size, shape, and depth of a pool will be dictated by many factors that all need to be considered when designing the perfect swimming pool and outdoor living space.  This post from eHow discusses the reasons behind pool sizes and shapes, and discusses how to assess which design will be right for each individual family.

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From River Pools

When it comes to sizing a swimming pool, is bigger always better?  Should I stick to a standard proportional rectangle or should I have a freeform shape?  These are incredibly important and common questions when designing a custom inground swimming pool, but often mishandled to the consumer's detriment.  Knowing the right questions to ask and getting the right answers pertaining to pool size, shape and depth is the cornerstone to having a functional, useable, and carefree pool.  This post from River Pools addresses this subject in this post with a systematic and intelligent approach.

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Inground Pool Sizes: Three Questions to Ask Yourself

From Pool Pricer

Once one has decided to purchase an inground swimming pool, the next question is "How big of a pool should we get?".  This is a more complicated question than it seems initially, which is why this post from Pool Pricer is so helpful.  The post helps guide the consumer through the process by asking three key questions to help ascertain the proper pool size for one's family.

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Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your Yard

From Impressive Interior Design

Any homeowner who is fortunate enough to have an inground swimming pool will tell you that it is a wonderful, memory-building experience for their family.  What most new swimming pool owners don't realize, however, is the great responsibility that comes with ownership of such a rare and unique amenity.  This post from Impressive Interior Design presents both the pros and cons of swimming pool ownership.

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Your Guide to 10 Popular Landscape Paving Materials

From Aqua

Paving is an often-overlooked aspect of landscape design and construction from the consumer's perspective.  Typically a consumer thinks that their choices boil down to concrete, or whatever the local box store retailer has on display.  The skilled landscape designer has myriad material choices at her fingertips, and the associated knowlege of proper installation techniques to ensure longevity.  This post from Aqua presents a list of the 10 most popular paving applications, pros and cons of the different materials, and best practices to follow.

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Swimming Pool Buyers Guide

From Rising Sun Pools

Once one decides that you want to have the experience of an inground swimming pool in your yard, one is faced with a seemingly monumental task.  The planning, budgeting, engineering and everything else associated with construction project can be daunting for even the most seasoned professional.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a step by step guide to help you through the process?  Rising Sun Pools presents this post that does that very thing!

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How to Close An Inground Pool in 6 Steps

Form Swim University

It seems like it is too early to start thinking about closing up a swimming pool for the winter, as Summer hasn't even officially started yet and most pools aren't even operable in the Northeast and Midwest.  This post from Matt Giovansci proves, however, that it is never to early to start planning for this important task to ensure that is is done properly, efficiently, and thoroughly.  

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How much does it cost to demolish an inground swimming pool?

From Hometown Demolition Services

A swimming pool simply isnt for everyone.  Many people don't want the maintenance, the ongoing cost, or the risk of injury or drowning.  Some people simply want to reclaim their green space for other activities other than swimming.  For those people that are faced with the reality of owning a house with a swimming pool, the question arises: "How do I get rid of this thing?"  This post from Hometown Demolition Services addresses this complicated issue head on, and provides some rudimentary cost guidelines for swimming pool demolition and removal.  

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