Top 100 Influencers to follow in the Swimming Pool Industry 2017

From Fixr

Platinum Pools is pleased to announce that we have been named to the list of top 30 influencers on Twitter.  This list is compiled to reflect the most influential Swimming Pool Industry professionals across social media.  The main criteria utilized are the total number of followers, how frequently the candidate publishes fresh content, and how often they interact with their followers.   


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A Swimming Pool Fit for a Dolphin

From Pool and Spa News

Phoenix-area builder Presidential Pools delved into something different with this project, where man and dolphin can coexist

Many people have had the experience of briefly sharing a water space with Dolphins.  These attractions are available for a price at many resorts around the world.  This post from The Pool And Spa News presents a slightly different twist on this concept:  An inground swimming pool where humans and dolphins can co-exist.

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Thursday, 15 September 2016 12:58

How To Get Rid Of Waterbugs In Your Swimming Pool

How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs In Your Swimming Pool

From Swim University

Our favorite swimming pool industry blogger, Matt Giovanisci, brings us this obscure but no less interesting topic:  How To Remove Water Bugs from one's swimming pool.  We've all seen them, and we've all wondered, "Is this thing going to bite me?".  In this post, Matt explains what this species is, and what the swimming pool owner needs to do to get rid of them.

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Why LED Lights are Taking the Industry by Storm

From AQUA Magazine

Like many other industries, the swimming pool industry is experiencing the streamlining of efficiency.  Most consumer products are getting smarter, more energy efficient, and cost effective to utilize.  Leading the charge in the swimming pool industry is the proliferation of LED swimming pool lights both for new inground swimming pool installations and renovations.  This post from Aqua Magazine attempts to explain the reasons why this is happening nationwide for all types of lighting.

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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

From Swim University

A cloudy pool can be a very frustrating situation for both homeowner and guest alike.  Further, a severly cloudy pool can present a very unsafe situation whereby a swimming in distress may not be readily visible to a potential lifesaver.  This unfortunate potential moves a cloudy pool from the realm of nuisance to the realm of hazard.  This post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University discusses the causes of a cloudy pool, and presents some easy to follow remedies to rectify the situation and make the pool safe and clear.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 13:53

Swimming Pool Planning Guide

Swimming Pools 101: Plan Now for Next Summer

From Yahoo News

Planning a custom inground swimming pool in one's yard can be a daunting task.  Many people lack the courage just to get started.  Those intrepid homeowners that take the first step are always rewarded with a lifetime of splashing memories with friends and family.  This post from Yahoo News gives an easy step-by-step guide for those timid homeowners that haven't found the motivation to take that first step as of yet.  

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Top 3 Mommy and Me Swimming Pool Activities

From Shasta Pools

Introducing a baby to your swimming pool is always a stressful activity, especially for the new parent.  It is always helpful to have some guidance, and a plan.  Mommy and Me swim classes, usually offered at the local YMCA or public swim facility, is a great way to introduce an infant to the wonders of swimming.  This post from Shasta Pools offers the top 3 Mommy and Me swimming activities to try at your own home swimming pool.  After all, you built your very own pool for privacy, convenience, and to keep your family close to home.  Why not start introducing your children to it right at their beginning of life's journey?

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UMass breaks Guinness World Record for largest fruit salad: 15,291 pounds in a swimming pool

From Mass Live

Swimming pools are not always used for just swimming.  Perhaps you've heard of the empty swimming pools that are converted into skating rinks for the winter months.  

Additionally, world records are usually reserved for olympic swimmers in pools, but not this world record. According to this post from Mass Live, the world record for the largest fruit salad ever assembled was actually prepared in a swimming pool.  Looks delicious, don't you think?

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For those with heated swimming pools or hydrotherapy pools, the fall swimming pool season can be extended well beyond labor day.  Not Having a heated swimming pool doesn't necessarily preclude one from enjoying the outdoor living space that can be created in one's backyard.  This post from gives some great ideas to outfit one's backyard for ideal outdoor living regardless of the season.

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Thursday, 13 November 2014 14:30

A Brief History Of Swimming

History of Swimming

From iSport Swimming

Ever wonder when Human Beings started considering swimming as a sport?  It seems as though people are able to swim virtually coming out of the womb, and so it stands to reason that humans have been swimming as recreation, relaxation, or sport ever since they stood upright.  However, this post from iSport Swimming documents some important milestones in the long and storied history of documented swimming as a sport, and gives some historical context to swimming and swimming pools.  Next time you are watching your kids at the high school swim meet, or frolicking in your own backyard swimming pool, remember the titans of swimming that helped get you to that point.

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Although humans have been swimming for thousands of years, swimming only became a competitive sport in the early 1800s. Today, swimming is the third most-watched sport in the Olympic Games.

Crossing the English Channel

In 1875, Matthew Webb ignited public interest in swimming when he became the first person to swim across the English Channel. Swimming only breastroke, it took him more than 21 hours to complete this feat. Thirty-one years would pass before another person would successfully swim across the Channel.

The Debut of Modern Olympic Swimming

In the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, men competed in four swimming events, all contested in the choppy open water of the Mediterranean Sea. Four years later at the 1900 Summer Games in Paris, all the swimming events (which included an obstacle course) were contested in the Seine River.

Freestyle Evolves

In the early years of recreational and competitive swimming, breastroke was the only stroke swum. In 1902, Australian Richard Cavill was the first to swim with an up-and-down kick and alternating over-arm recoveries. This stroke, dubbed the "Australian crawl," was the beginning of modern freestyle. Johnny Weissmuller (who went on greater fame playing Tarzan in the movie of the same name) became the first man to break the one-minute barrier in the 100 Freestyle in 1912.

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