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Swimming Pool Fence

Installing Pool Fencing

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When installing a swimming pool, most municipalities will require a fence around the pool.  Even if one's particular municipality doesn't strictly require them, fences are always a great layer of protection to ensure the safety of children and pets.  This post from Home Improvement Pages discusses the specifications of a proper, safe swimming pool fence, as well as some installation tips.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Yard Security Tips to Keep Intruders At Bay

At Wednesday night's Corona del Mar Town Hall Meeting, the Newport Beach Police Department handed out pamphlets with tips on landscape safety.

Intruders often case a neighborhood before deciding which home to break. Police say some yard safety tips can help deter a burglar from targeting your property.

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Get your pool ready for safe family fun

As the weather starts to warm, you can't help but stare at your backyard pool, anxious to begin a new season of memories with friends and family. No matter the season, pool safety should always be top of mind where children are concerned. With safety barriers - or layers of protection - in place between the home and the pool, you can experience the pleasures of backyard swimming pools and feel confident that children, grandchildren and visitors will be safeguarded from pool accidents.

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Rules for Fences for Private Pools

With the joy of owning a swimming pool comes the responsibility of enclosing it to prevent children and pets from accidentally gaining access. There are no federal laws governing swimming pool fences, but many states and communities have building codes establish their own regulations. Many fencing requirements are common throughout American neighborhoods, but check your local building code to be sure your fence meets all the requirements for a safe and happy swimming season.

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