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Water Exercise Can Benefit Seniors

Talk with your Aging Parents About Senior Citizens Swimming to
Develop Aging Fitness

From Talk often...

As we age, our bone density decreases, we lose stamina, and it becomes harder and harder to keep up an excercise regimen to stay in shape.  This is especially the case for senior citizens, as the rate at which the decline in these situations increases with seniors.  Water exercise is a great way for senior citizens to exercise, as the water provides resistance, and is low impact on bones and joints.  This post from talk often... presents some great workouts in the swimming pool for senior citizens, and explains the benefits.

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Swimming Pool Myths--Fact or Fiction?



If you have ever used a swimming pool and had that familiar urge to go to the bathroom, you've probably heard the myth about a chemical that turns red, blue, or green when contacting urine.  You've also probably heard that swimming immediately after eating is a no-no.  Are these long-standing opinions surrounding swimming pools based on fact, or just wives tales that have been passed down through the generations to discourage certain behaviors?  This post from addresses the most common myths and apocryphal stories surrounding the swimming pool, and tells you once and for all if the myths are based in fact.

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We're Hiring

Platinum Pools has experienced and continues to experience significant growth. Consequently, we need qualified, motivated people for a few positions. If you are looking for a career in the exciting swimming pool industry, then we would love to speak with you about our available careers. Here is what we are looking for:

Construction Project Manager

Position Overview

Project Managers are in place to move construction and renovation projects from start to finish smoothly and without incident. Project Managers are to ensure the smooth, on-schedule, on-budget operation of construction projects consistent with the values expressed in the Company Manual. Scheduling the work force, creating a critical path to completion, managing subcontractors and managing in-house work forces are among the key responsibilities. Project Managers are to work cooperatively with other department managers and employees to establish and maintain a team atmosphere and to achieve departmental, inter-departmental, and company-wide goals.
Essential Job Functions
· Create Critical Path for Construction and Renovation Projects
· Ordering materials by utilizing appropriate forms when warranted and ensuring the materials get to the job sites in a timely fashion
· Create Labor Schedules
· Supervise work force
· Monitor construction projects to ensure that Company’s systems are being followed according to Critical Path commitments
· Manage Subcontractors
Estimate Change orders properly to ensure required profit margins
· Train employees to complete tasks
· Monitor and evaluate the performance of field employees
· Act as liaison with municipalities during the construction process
· Act as liaison with client and subcontractors to answer questions and communicate schedules
· Collect payments when necessary after completed milestones
· Visit project as needed to network with clients, ensure installation is per contract, answer questions from in house staff and subcontractors and to sell upgrades or new phases
· Attend and participate in weekly meetings including preparation of schedules and progress reports
· Run the pre-construction meeting and perform official hand-off to construction
· Assist and report to General Manager in all tasks as required
· Accurately communicate questions, issues, and concerns to the General Manager
· Accurately document any and all communications with customers, subcontractors, or partners to ensure a clear understanding of any changes
Additional Job Functions
· Positively promote the company both internally and externally to create a positive work environment and a place where potential employees might seek a career
· Maintain the company’s trade secrets, pricing policies, and marketing strategy as confidential information not intended to travel outside of the company walls
· Take high quality pictures throughout the construction process for records and marketing needs
· Working on site at Platinum Poolcare’s jobsites or within a reasonable commute.
· Positive attitude
· Networking skills
· Able to meet strict deadlines and meet or exceed stated sales goals
· Professional appearance
· Willingness to learn and to accept multiple tasks at one time
Other Skills/Abilities
· Listening skills are essential.
· Team building and the ability to work inside a team
· Self-motivated professional
· Willingness to pursue aggressive growth

Lead Generator/ Sales

Position Overview

We are seeking a gregarious, outgoing, intelligent, motivated professional to generate leads. Candidate will call on various strategic partners in multiple disciplines in an area that covers Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and parts of the Lake Michigan shore in Indiana and Michigan. Candidate will be asked to keep his/her own database of contacts, continually reach out to them personally, and bring in qualified leads and projects. No experience necessary, but sales background is helpful.

Field Service Technician

Position Overview

Platinum Poolcare is looking for field service and repair technicians who understand that providing the best customer service is achieved only when one loves working with customers and always puts the customer first. The field service and repair technician is the ‘face of Platinum Poolcare’ to our customers. The ability to provide positive customer experiences is a must-have skill.

Primary responsibilities:

• Troubleshoot technical problems with existing equipment.
• Repair pumps, motors, filters, heaters and chemical feeders.
• Repair and installation of PVC and copper pipe, fittings and valves.
• Air pressure test piping.
• Test and assess chemical make up of pool water.
• Identify chemical problems and balance pool water.
• Ensure all paperwork is complete and turned in on a daily basis.
• Work independently by setting and meeting daily goals.
• Accept and perform given tasks with ownership and sense of urgency.
• Clearly communicate all information to customer.
• Maintain truck stock inventory and maintenance schedules.
• Maintain a flexible work schedule with availability to be on call 24/7.


• High school diploma or equivalent.
• English as a primary language required – Spanish or other language a plus.
• Must have a valid driver’s license with clean driving record.
• Excellent direct customer relationship skills are required.
• Professional and courteous.
• Hard working, dependable, safety and quality conscience.
• Self motivated, self starter to work without close supervision.
• Possess good language skills (verbal and written) to interpret procedures, comprehend instructions and communicate effectively with others.
• Willingness to learn on a daily basis.
• Knowledge and ability to work with various hand & power tools


If you or anyone you know are qualified and interested in any of the three available positions within our growing company, please have them send a resume to  Resumes may also be faxed to 847.537.3857.  

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The Singer and the Swan


What does it take for a seemingly benign pool float to become the hottest swimming pool accessory available in the world?  If you guessed that it takes Taylor Swift to make an instagram post while using it, you guessed correctly.  Check out this post from Aqua Magazine that discusses the meteoric rise of this simple swimming pool float, and how Taylor Swift is driving sales to unforseen levels.  Do you have one of these in your backyard inground swimming pool?  

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Almost everything Taylor Swift does feeds into popular media, so it was only a matter of time before she created a small sensation for the aquatics industry. The pop music phenomenon has recently drawn attention as the Swan Princess of Song — at least where inflatable swans are concerned.

As unlikely as it may seem, Ms. Swift's public association with an elegant pneumatic swan has sent sales of blowup waterfowl through the roof. It all started in June when she posted an image on Instagram of herself and boyfriend Calvin Harris riding a blow-up swan in a beautiful residential pool. As is often the case with celebrity tweets and posts, the image immediately went viral, creating a sharp upsurge of interest in creative pool toys, particularly swans.

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Get To Know Your Swimming Pool Chemicals

Water Chemistry

From 1 Stop Pool Pros

It's easy to assume that a swimming pool is "set it and forget it", but that really is not the case.  Anyone familiar with swimming pool water chemistry understands that to achieve balanced, healthy water, one needs to understand the differing measurable components of the water saturation index.  The important levels of pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Temperature and Free Available Chlorine are all integral to achieving a safe, sanitary swimming pool environment.  This post from 1 Stop Pool Pros gives a good primer on the different chemicals that are utilized to achieve balanced water in these important areas.

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How To Get Started With Hot Tub Workouts

Simple Hot Tub Exercises

From Hot Tubs 101

One of the latest fitness trends is Hot Tub exercising.  The combination of the heated water and buoyancy makes hot tub exercising a low-impact, highly beneficial means to get and stay fit.  This post from Hot Tubs 101 explains the numerous benefits of working out in a hot tub, and walks through some simple exercises to get the reader on the road to fitness.

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Winterizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

From Houselogic

Unfortunately, its that time of year again:  There is a chill in the air, the days seem to be getting shorter, the leaves are falling, and winter is just a few short weeks away.  Looking outside at your swimming pool and outdoor kitchen brings you back memories of the wonderfully long, hot, summer days by the pool and in your outdoor living space.  Now that winter is almost here, it's time to start thinking about putting your outdoor space to bed for the colder days to come.  This post from Houselogic gives you the proper way to winterize your outdoor kitchen to ensure that when next summer comes, you will be ready to start up and go without significant damage to your outdoor kitchen.

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5 reasons swimming lessons are important for older kids and tweens

From Chicago Now

Do you know what the second leading cause of accidental death is for children under 14 in the United States?  According to this post from Chicago Now, it is drowning.  The saddest part about this statistic is that it is almost completely preventable with the advent of swimming lessons.  While learning to swim at any age is not a guarantee against drowning, it is a strong indicator that could nearly eliminate accidental deaths.  This post gives 5 additional sound reasons why learning to swim, regardless of age, is a great idea.

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Is Running A Pool Pump 24-Hours a Day Necessary?

Do swimming pool pumps have to run all the time?

From How Stuff Works

Perhaps the biggest surprise for new swimming pool owners is the increased costs for gas, water, and electrical utilities.  Most swimming pools are set up to run 24-hours a day to maintain health and cleanliness, but is this really necessary?  This post from How Stuff Works answers this pressing question, and explains why.

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13 Tips to save money on your pool

From Independent Pool Group

It's easy to justify wanting to be environmentall conscious.  Most people realize that the Earth's once-plentiful natural bounty is being rapidly depleted by human consumption, but they don't know what to do about it.  Those that have made the decision to become more eco-friendly are often thwarted by the unexpected personal cost of actually thinking "green".  Shouldn't the idea that you are saving the planet be easier if it doesn't hit you in the pocketbook?  This post from The Indepedent Pool Group has the answer for inground swimming pool owners, as they explain 13 ways to be environmentally conscious and save money in the meantime.

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